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LP absolutely loves school. She loves to read, loves to write and loves to learn. Although she is one of the youngest in her year she is keeping up with the class as far as her work is concerned. But, now she’s starting to ask us more questions – what specific words mean and how to spell different words. Because of this, I think the new Collins Children’s Dictionary and Thesaurus are going to be well used throughout LP and Little Man’s time at school.

Learning New Words with Collins Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus

The Collins Children’s Dictionary and Thesaurus are both lovely hardback books, perfect to keep on a shelf and use for reference whenever the children need to know something. Both books are really colourful, nicely laid out and easy to navigate. This means that once LP and her brother know how to use a dictionary or thesaurus they will be able to find words all by themselves.

Learning New Words with Collins Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus

The dictionary has a really clear alphabet down the side of each page so you can quickly find the letter you are looking for. Each word is then written in blue with different variations of the word in bold next to it eg abandon – abandons, abandoning, abandoned. Each word has an explanation and antonyms are highlight throughout the dictionary too, helping with the children’s understanding.

Throughout the dictionary there are also tips on pronunciation, synonyms and snippets of word history too. Rather than being just a dictionary it’s a real learning tool that I know will really expand the children’s vocabulary.

Learning New Words with Collins Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus

In the back of the dictionary there’s also descriptions and guidance on the different types of words – nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs etc as well as tips on grammar and punctuation. It’s probably the nicest and most user-friendly dictionary I have ever seen.

The thesaurus, on first glance, looks exactly the same as the dictionary with an alphabet down the side of each page and words in blue. But, alternative words are in bold and each word has an example of how to use that word in a sentence.

Learning New Words with Collins Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus
Learning New Words with Collins Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus

The thesaurus also has a section at the back giving advice on how to write a story and a story plan, the sort of thing that could be so helpful to children. Both books are the perfect books to aid a child’s learning and I know that LP will be using both of these books regularly going forward.

The Collins Children’s Dictionary and Thesaurus have an RRP of £12.99 each


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  1. My daughter is a fantastic reader, and reads beautifully. So if she had one of these, she could spend time looking for more words and learning there meanings.

  2. My granddaughter has just crossed that magical line between “learning to read” and “being able to read” and is now an avid reader which means she is coming across new words every day and wanting to know their meanings and usages, so these books would be perfect for her.

  3. This took me back to my childhood I used to have a Collins childrens dictionary and loved it. I would love for my daughter to have this thirst for knowledge too.

  4. I would love to win them for my grandchildren as I think they would be helpful for their school work!

  5. Why would you love to win the dictionary and thesaurus? . . . . .my grandson simply loves to learn new things all the time so he would be delighted if l were the lucky winner

  6. They would be really helpful for my daughter. They would make a perfect gift for her; she’d really treasure them.

  7. These would be great for homework and teaching the kids new words and alternative ones too xx

  8. My 7 year old daughter has a great passion for reading and writing stories this would perfect for her.

  9. This would be great for youngest grandson and myself when he asks me questions I can’t answer

  10. I place a very high value aesthetically and educationally on hard copy books and I am absolutely delighted to see a hard copy children’s dictionary and thesaurus being offered.

    I have a whopping great Collins dictionary in my bookshelf and haul it out often to look something up. I would like the children to get the dictionary and thesaurus habit, too.

  11. For my granddaughter who loves writing stories and would benefit from a dictionary and thesaurus as she often asks her mum what words mean

  12. I would love to win because my eldest son loves learning new things, these would be perfect!

  13. I’d love to win these books for my little sisters. I’m sure they’d find them really useful!

  14. my son would love to look through these, he could use them to help with school work.

  15. I would love to win so I could gift it to my daughter so that she could be.more creative with her writting.

  16. I would love to win for my daughter who will be 6 in August, she is really good and reading and writing and is in year 1 at school and is currently doing year 1 and 2 work as she’s doing so well, I think she would really enjoy these and they would help her with her spell g and understanding of words xx

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