Lasting Touch Handprint Cufflinks Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

Anyone that has been reading this blog for a while will know how much I love personalised jewellery – and I asked for a fingerprint necklace for my 30th Birthday – so when Lasting Touch got in touch to tell me about their beautiful fingerprint and handprint jewellery I couldn’t wait to browse their online store.

Lasting Touch produce a great range of products – jewellery, keyrings, charms and even pet print products too. There are a lot of different styles and products to suit all budgets and when they gave me the opportunity to review I spent so much time looking for the perfect product. I would have picked a necklace if I hadn’t already had one and so instead I chose to review a gift for LP and Little Man’s grandad – handprint cufflinks.

Review: Lasting Touch Handprint Cufflinks

I was impressed with the amount of options available to personalise the cufflinks – you could change the shape of them, the font used on them – or even no text at all – and you could choose whether to have hand or footprints on them, or even one of each.

The website was easy to navigate and I chose to have one cufflink per child, a handprint each, and their names written below. I checked out and then, within a couple of days, was sent a kit to take prints of the children’s hands.

Review: Lasting Touch Handprint Cufflinks

I gave this job to Dave to do but it couldn’t have been easier – you just wipe the children’s hands with a special wipe and then place their hands on the card provided before adding their details to the card. Spare cards are given in case the print isn’t as perfect as you would like and so you don’t have to worry about making a mistake.

It then took less than two weeks for the cufflinks to arrive at our home, with emails sent to let us know the prints had been received and the order had been dispatched. I think two weeks for such beautifully personalised products is fantastic and not that long at all.

Review: Lasting Touch Handprint Cufflinks

The cufflinks arrived in a really nice box and were well secured, arriving in perfect condition. They were beautiful! Cufflinks are normally quite serious and boring but these are just so lovely – really nice and weighty, solid and well made. The prints and text are really clear and I couldn’t be happier with them.

I had never thought of getting cufflinks with handprints on before but they really are the most wonderful gift and I cannot wait to give them to the children’s grandad – he will love them even more than I do and I can imagine him wearing them with such pride, a constant reminder of our two ‘scallywags’.

Review: Lasting Touch Handprint Cufflinks

It just shows that handprint and fingerprint products aren’t just for women, and there are ranges that man would love too – especially as a well planned gift. I can’t fault Lasting Touch – the service was fantastic from start to finish and the cufflinks are stunning.

Lasting Touch have given me a fantastic discount code to pass on to readers. You can use code WTRS for 20% off until the end of August and 10% off after that until the end of September – happy shopping!

Review: Lasting Touch Handprint Cufflinks

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