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The United States of America has taken a stable place in the real estate market regarding the number of buildings built worldwide. What is an American ruble? And why do you see real estate prices in houses in Palm Beach, Florida, that does not make your eyes pop?

Foreigners prefer to buy expensive real estate in prestigious and prosperous areas. Security and an appropriate social environment cost money. Such real estate is a highly liquid commodity – it is always in price.

Why do tourists stay here?

Residents of Florida are famous personalities: officials, diplomats, millionaires, and just Hollywood stars. Why don’t you have to pay crazy sums for delicacies, warm living, ocean views, and entertainment all year round?

Lake Worth Beach is an urban center and historical heritage in one area. The city is surrounded by a huge reservoir serving as the city’s name.

The temperate climate, affordable prices for living, sports arenas, historical buildings in the city center, street art festivals, and campfire evenings – all this attracts tourists to stay in the United States of America forever!

Real estate and its features

Broadcasting a luxurious life on TV screens can become a reality for an ordinary resident. In Lake Worth Beach, houses, villas, penthouses, apartments, flats, and even condominiums are actively sold.

Housing prices here start at two million dollars, and the end of the limit is not in sight!

The key features of living in America:

· large territories;

· green plantations;

· modern infrastructure;

· the ocean at your fingertips;

· endless comforts;

· a permanent summer.

Key things to know about life in Lake Worth Beach

This city turns the life of an ordinary person from head to toe. Residents are not simple people but interesting. Lovers of rest in this haven of peace and tranquility are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan residents.

Residents are not simple people but interesting. The streets are saturated with long-term history, and the city’s architecture allows you to plunge into the past years and experience all the magic of that time.


In this city, work looks at you from all sides. One of the highest-paid areas in the city is medicine.

Qualitative knowledge and readiness to start work anytime play a key role here!

In addition to highly qualified doctors, lawyers, administrative law judges, CEOs, engineers, educators, architects, and managers are also indispensable people in downtown Florida.

Resorts also attract foreigners

If we talk about resort real estate, resort towns located along the coast are in demand. These are Sunny Isles, Aventura, and West Palm Beach. However, if European investors prefer to build or buy hotels on the coast, then investors from the CIS, as a rule, build and buy residential real estate.

Since the end of last year, resort housing has fallen in price by almost half. “If a good villa on the ocean costs about $4 million, then today a 5-bedroom house on the first line by the sea will cost $1.8-2 million,” Real Estate Q&A told us. They expect that residential and commercial real estate prices will grow by 10-15% by the end of this year.

An economical option is a small villa on the third or fourth line from the ocean and away from Miami. But even for such a villa with two bedrooms and a living room, you will have to pay 300-400 thousand dollars. There are practically no private houses near the hyped coast of Miami – the land here is very expensive. Therefore high-rise buildings are being built.

The most prestigious areas of the ocean coast, such as Sunny Isles and Aventura, are almost completely built up with high-rise buildings. In a new house on the second line, an 80-100 square meters apartment will cost about half a million dollars. If the house is 5-6 years old, then similar apartments will cost 300-400 thousand dollars.

In less popular areas, the difference in prices in the primary and secondary housing markets is 10-15%.

Why choose Lake Worth Beach?

An ideal climate, jobs with high wages, affordable housing prices, the historical spirit of the streets, and hobbies for every taste – this attracts tourists to the city every day and leaves them with the decision: to become a guest or stay here forever?

Choosing the right housing for permanent residents is a challenging task. According to Florida.Realestate, good real estate is selling like hotcakes. Consultation and advice on finding the perfect place to live and competent knowledge of the real estate market will give you a cozy space for many years to come.

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