Kit & Coco Back to School Giveaway! (Competition now closed)

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After fun filled summer holidays, getting the kids back into the school routine can be quite a challenge.  With the added worry about head lice and nits, which can be rife on the return to the classroom, September can be a stressful month for parents. But, ready for the start of the new term, KIT & COCO have compiled some great tips to help you avoid the little critters when the kids go back to school. They also have some simple processes to avoid them and also treatments to deal with them.

Kit & Coco Back to School Giveaway! (Competition now closed)

Here are KIT & COCO’s tips:

  1. Keep long hair tied up

Head lice can’t fly or hop – the only way head lice can be passed on is through head to head contact; whether this is during playground games, selfies, sharing hairbrushes, or even when two hats or scarves touch on the communal coat rack.  Even when detached from the hair, they can live between 12 – 24 hours. Keeping your child’s hair tied up in a ponytail, plait or bun is a great start to preventing head lice.

  1. Use a protective spray or mousse

Free from alcohol, parabens, silicone and insecticides, KIT & COCO’s gentle protective mousse and spray provide 24 hour protection against lice.  Perfect for school time or sleepovers, families can opt for the mousse or hair spray with a fashionable head band to ensure hydration and protection.

Kit & Coco Back to School Giveaway! (Competition now closed)

HOW TO FREE little heads from lice and nits

  1. Identify the critters

Although itching is the first symptom, only 30% of children are aware of an infestation so it’s worth carrying out a full hair inspection under good lighting on a regular basis.  Nits (the eggs) and head lice especially like the nape of the neck and behind the ears as these are the warmest parts of the head.  Nits are easier to spot than lice, which are speedy little critters and the best way to make a correct diagnosis is by using KIT & COCO’s ultra-efficient fine toothed comb!

  1. Act fast

Lice can produce around 10 eggs a day which take around seven days to hatch so one small problem can escalate into a larger issue very quickly!  The KIT & COCO complete treatment kit includes everything you need to combat head lice and nits from treatment shampoo to a gentle ergonomic nit comb, applicator brush, protective shower cap as well as surprise treat for little ones!

Kit & Coco Back to School Giveaway! (Competition now closed)

KIT & COCO have harnessed the unique qualities of coconut oil and rich botanic oil to deliver gentle yet effective prevention and treatment for head lice and nits.  KIT & COCO has utilised plant based active ingredients – to totally eliminate head lice and nits through asphyxiation, which head lice simply can’t develop any resistance to.

It sounds like KIT & COCO are the way to go if you find yourself with a head lice infestation once the new term starts – I’ll definitely be having some on hand and using their tips, spray and mousse to try and prevent head lice too.

To make sure you’re prepared for the new term I have teamed up with KIT & COCO to give away a 24 hour protective mousse and spray to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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(Competition now closed)

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