Keeping Children Entertained with the Amazon Fire 7 and the Amazon Appstore

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LP and Little Man have loved their Amazon tablets since they first got an Amazon Fire HDX a couple of years ago. But, this year Amazon have launched a new Amazon Fire 7 tablet and to celebrate the launch they sent Little Man one to test out and to see if he loved it quite as much as his old tablet.

Keeping Children Entertained with the Amazon Fire 7 and the Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Fire 7 is a fantastic tablet for any child – and adults alike. It’s thinner and lighter than the previous version yet and has longer battery life and an even better display – all for just £49.99. But, to make children happy, it comes in a range of colours – nice bold primary colours or black to make sure there’s a colour to suit everyone.

One great benefit of the new Fire 7 is that as well as coming in 8GB or 16GB versions there’s also the option to add a microSD card to expand the storage even more – meaning that Little man can download even more of his favourite games and apps to keep him entertained for longer. Everything about the Amazon Fire 7 really focuses on entertainment making it a must for all members of the family. 

Little Man has always loved the Fire For Kids app and we love that it gives him the ability to play games and activities and read books all in a safe environment on his tablet, where there’s no advertising or in-app purchases but, as well as using the Fire for Kids app Little Man now has access to over 800,000 other apps from the Amazon Appstore.

Keeping Children Entertained with the Amazon Fire 7 and the Amazon Appstore

We’ve spent time downloading apps to Little Man’s tablet that we know he’ll enjoy – Netflix to watch his favourite cartoons and movies and the BBC iPlayer to watch his much loved CBeebies TV shows – Octonauts, Go Jetters and Charlie and Lola.

But, as well as watching shows Little Man loves having so many games to play at a touch of a button. He’s really been enjoying the Hot Wheels: Race Off game which lets him race amazing cars around some incredible tracks. He really loves the CBeebies app which has so many different games to play based around his favourite shows and the wide range of Lego games that are available on the Amazon Appstore are also a hit – what child doesn’t love Lego?! But we can’t forget Thomas the Tank Engine – one of the first things he looked for when we turned his new tablet on! Thomas & Friends Express Delivery lets Little Man help his favourite Thomas engines throw Sir Topham Hat a birthday party surprise – any Thomas fan will love it.

Keeping Children Entertained with the Amazon Fire 7 and the Amazon Appstore

It’s great that the Amazon Appstore has apps suitable for any age – with games for different ability levels and things like social media for teens and adults. But, there are also so many educational games and apps to help with learning. Little Man loves the Reading Eggs apps and they are fantastic for helping him with phonics and learning what letters look like too.

The Amazon Fire 7 is the perfect tool to help children with homework, give them something to do in the holidays or keep them entertained on a long journey. The new Amazon Fire 7 also includes Alexa so that we can talk to the tablet for information rather than spending time typing – such a great advance in technology and something the children find so funny!

Little Man has always loved his Amazon tablet and the Amazon Fire 7 is the perfect upgrade for him – it’s so compact but durable and being able to add a MicroSD card helps him explore more apps and games at one time. As a family we’re really impressed with the Fire 7 and will no doubt be upgrading LP’s tablet at Christmas – the hardest decision will be deciding on what colour to go for!

The Amazon Fire 7 has an RRP of £49.99 for the 8GB version and £59.99 for the 16GB version.

8 thoughts on “Keeping Children Entertained with the Amazon Fire 7 and the Amazon Appstore”

  1. My children don’t have tablets at the moment. I’ve kind of steered them away, but now Logan is at school I am thinking there is soon going to become a time when we need to embrace them and get him one. I think for the price the Amazon tablets do look like great value.

  2. This looks really good! I love that it’s for all the family and not just the kids. I really ought to treat myself to Netflix as I seem to miss out on so many good things on there. Teddy loves Octonauts and Go Jetters too – I may have to invest as a Christmas present to the boys – and much cheaper than an iPad too! x

  3. I’ve only ever heard good things about Amazon Fire tablets, but I had no idea they were this cheap! I also love the fact they come in different colours – the yellow one is right up my street!


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