Julu Laundry Ladder Review

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I recently contacted by a company called Julu who I hadn’t heard of before. They have created a Laundry Ladder that looks lovely and traditional and can fit seamlessly into any room. Julu asked if I would like to review their Laundry Ladder and I knew my Mother in Law would love it, so together we had a look at the Laundry Ladder range and decided on the slim Bunty version.

Review: Julu Laundry Ladder

What options are available with the Julu Laundry Ladder?

The Laundry Ladder comes in a choice of either natural wood or white and with either black or white brackets. These colour options make it fit perfectly into any home and match any decor. We chose the natural wood and white brackets which look lovely together.

Review: Julu Laundry Ladder

Does the Julu Laundry Ladder come pre-strung?

With the Laundry Ladder you can choose to have it pre-strung for a small charge. Or you can string it yourself. There’s a great video on the Julu website that shows how to string it. You also have the option of operating the Laundry Ladder from the left or right hand side. The mounted clothes airer really does have so many options and choices to make it work exactly how you want it to.

Review: Julu Laundry Ladder
Review: Julu Laundry Ladder

How easy is the Julu Laundry Ladder to use?

Now that my in laws have been using the Laundry Ladder for a couple of weeks they really love it. It’s easy to operate once strung and raises and lowers smoothly. The back rails are perfect for drying small items on and the front rails are great for larger items. It stores nicely flat against the wall but can have things left to dry on it in this position too. If you have tea towels or other individual items to dry you don’t even have to lower it!

Review: Julu Laundry Ladder

Does the Julu Laundry Ladder have other uses?

The ladder clothes airer doesn’t just have to be used as a clothes drying rack either. It can be used as wall mounted clothes rail to hang out your clothes for the next day. It could also be used as a guest wardrobe when used in a spare room. The possibilities are endless.

Review: Julu Laundry Ladder
Review: Julu Laundry Ladder

Where should you hang the Julu Laundry Ladder?

The thing that I love about the Laundry Ladder is that it can fit into any room. You could easily have it in a utility room but it could also go in a hall, dining room, kitchen or spare room. The laundry drying rack looks lovely when it’s on the wall. Laundry ladders don’t look in any way cluttered like a standard airer – that you hide out of site or take down when you have visitors. If anything the hanging clothes airer is a focal point, something to talk about and a great use of otherwise wasted wall space. Even in small spaces you can raise and lower the Laundry Ladder clothes airer quickly and easily for access.

Review: Julu Laundry Ladder
Review: Julu Laundry Ladder
Review: Julu Laundry Ladder

The Julu Laundry Ladder is designed and manufacturer in Britain. It’s made from English Ash which is responsibly sourced and has great strength and a timeless appeal.


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    1. Hi Katie
      We are so glad you like it. Since I designed it I have not looked back and don’t miss using the old airers which were always in the way! It also looks great anywhere.

  1. I would buy the Bunty natural and hang it in my conservatory as it gets really warm in there!

  2. I would buy a white one and put it in our kitchen, as we are just painting our units so would look fab in there. I love this idea so much

    1. Hi Amanda
      It is fantastic when people put the Laundry Ladder in a kitchen. It is stylish enough to put it anywhere and is a joy to use.

  3. The white Bunty ladder looks lovely. I love how compact they are when folded away. I was recently looking at the ceiling mounted airers that you can get but these look fantastic and much easier to access and use.

    1. Hi Laura
      The Laundry Ladder looks great in white. It has the added benefit of portability when moving, which far more convenient than the ceilings airer, which people generally leave behind!

    1. Hi Ashleigh
      Yes, it works so well in a hall and when you want to access past, just hoist up out of the way, leaving the washing in place to lower again when you are ready.

  4. I’d choose the English Ash – I love the look of the natural wood. I’d put it in my laundry room, it would be so handy and just the right size.

    1. Hi Suzanne
      Laundry room, hallway, kitchen? it doesn’t really matter where you put it as it looks great anywhere. However, mine did start off in the laundry room!

  5. I love the look of the Bunty Natural laundry ladder. I think it would fit perfectly on the wall above our stairs – and it would stop the laundry taking over our front room which would be amazing!

    How do you raise it and lower it? I’m wondering how easy that would be to do if it was above the stairs? I’ve looked at the pictures but I’m not quite sure!

    1. Hi Lauren
      As long as you can still access the cord and rails on the stairs it should be fine. We are about to put a video onto the website so that people can see it being operated which will help I think?! Please look at the website again and by the end of this week we should have uploaded it.

  6. I’d have the Bunty natural wood with white brackets. I’d put it in the dining part of my lounge/diner.

    1. Hi Claire
      It’s amazing how many people say they would use it in a bedroom and hang clothing on it. Some people use it in guest rooms instead of wardrobes when people stay.

    1. Hi Debbie
      It looks great in Natural or White, just depending on where you put it and your preference to colours! Thank you for your comment.

    1. Hi Tania
      The utility room is perfect making it easy for emptying the washing machine of clothes/bedding straight onto the Laundry Ladder.

  7. It looks stunning, and their website too…. I like Doris in wooden finish, I can see it looking great in our kitchen….. but defo would do with extra brackets to move it here and there for under a canopy outside? and utility room! 🙂

    1. Hi Aldona
      It works well just about anywhere! Julia and I hope it is an investment you will think well worth every penny. 🙂

    1. Hi Laura
      The Laundry Ladder would work well in your kitchen/diner as it is off the wall and out of the way. No more clutter with the old airer!

  8. Oh wow, ive never seen anything like this before! What a fab idea. I would choose the white, with white brackets, as I think this would fit in nicely with my hallway (which is where I would put it!) Im sick of airers (I have 4) and they take up so much room and look unslightly, this idea is genius xx

    1. Hi Libby
      Those are all the reasons why I designed the Laundry Ladder. Julia and I have both been able to ditch our old airers and now have clutter free houses and it feels great!

    1. Hi Megan
      We are glad you like the idea. I can tell you it has given me lots of pleasure using mine, just being so simple, ready to use and attractive all at the same time. Doris is a great size.

    1. Hi Karen
      Sounds perfect but remember to bring it in overnight! It is easily moved inside to store away or use a second pair of brackets to put in another location inside.

    1. It is one of those things which people always say Judy. But rest assured if you have one you wouldn’t want to be without it we hope! It can go almost anywhere.

  9. Hi Samantha
    I know why has it not been thought of before?!!!! It’s so simple, yet soooooo effective. Thanks for your comments.

  10. I think I’d choose a White Doris for our new utility room. I’d really love one of these wall mounted laundry ladders as we are short of space for drying clothes, and as a family of five, the washing is endless! Thank you

    1. Hi Julia
      You would not look back, especially with a family of five! I know as we’re a family of five and it was with that in mind that the Laundry Ladder was born.

  11. I would love a white one for my landing – next to our airing cupboard is really toasty (and it makes a sneaky decorative feature) 😉

  12. I would choose a natural wood one with black brackets and hang it ovet the radiator in my kitchen.

  13. I’d go for the Bunty Natural with Black brackets and put it in my conservatory. I currently fold out an ugly plastic stand up dryer as it gets nice and hot in there but the Bunty would look so much better!

  14. I’d love the Doris in white. My current laundry drying area is over the top of every available door so I try to rush it all through on certain days or times that visitors won’t be subjected to the other half’s y-fronts dangling everywhere. I think I would put it in a bedroom as it can be left lowered drying in the daytime and winched up to look tidy at night. I’d have to get myself a scullery maid outfit though 😉

    1. Hi Arabella
      Doris would work beautifully in a bedroom and some people use it instead of a wardrobe in the spare bedroom! It works well and looks good though, wherever it’s put.

    2. Hi Arabella
      Doris would work beautifully in a bedroom, some people use it instead of a wardrobe in their spare bedroom! It works well and looks good though, wherever it’s put.

  15. I would choose the natural ladder an I would put it in my hall way. We have very limited room and this would be perfect for our little home.

  16. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing and just what I’ve been looking for as I’m trying not to use a tuble dryer where possible! I’d put it in my kitchen!

  17. I think I would choose Doris White, I was going to say I would put it in the bathroom but looking at posts on here I think at the top of the stairs would be good and out of the way, much nicer way to fry laundry in the wet months!

  18. The Bunty Natural would my choice of Julu Ladder and I would love to put it our bedroom in our first home(!) Going for a cosy scandi feel and it would fit perfectly 🙂

  19. I would choose Bunty in white and it would be so useful to me as I wash and iron laundry for a couple of holiday cottages in my hometown so I would put this in my spare room/laundry room

  20. Natural for me. Brings back great memories of the old ceiling maiden my parents had in their victorian house. Untouched when they bought the house in 1982 and kept as many original features as they could 🙂

  21. I would choose Doris white and it would go into our utility room. With 3 children in the house it would get alot of use.

  22. I’d choose Bunty in White and it would go in our bathroom – our bathroom is one of the warmest rooms in the house so ideal for drying clothes but it is also very small so love the fact when not in use this folds away really small and compact

  23. Hi Lucie,

    I saw your laundry ladder at the Country Living Spring Fair and loved it. So attractive yet functional. I would choose a Bunty in natural wood (love the ash).

    It will look wonderful in our new utility room when we move house!

  24. I would choose the white one if I was lucky enough to win this fab prize and I would hang it in my kitchen. Great idea and brilliant prize X

  25. I would love the natural one and I would have it on my stairs . Great place to dry clothes

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