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*This is a collaborative post

Being a parent is one long learning curve that I don’t think we ever truly conquer. One big challenge for parents is food. From weaning onwards we are constantly questioning whether our children are eating the right things, eating enough and having the right balance in their diets. But, no two children are the same and this is what makes things like the perfect toddler diet so hard to define.

But last year I wrote about our experience of using the Infant and Toddler Forum’s Tot it Up Tracker, a great tool to help ensure your children are eating the right foods and the right amount of each food group. But this year the Infant and Toddler Forum are looking for your help – inviting you to be part of the biggest ideas sharing activity in the UK, developing a tool that all parents can not only use but can help create.

The Infant and Toddler Forum have launched the Toddler-Sized Challenge where you can win prizes up to £1000 just for submitting your ideas on how to make the Infant & Toddler Forum’s guidance into something easy and practical that takes the guess-work out of mealtimes.

To get the ball rolling I submitted an idea to the Toddler-Sized Challenge and it was quite a simple idea really. I felt like all families could have a basic template of what to put on their child’s plate, what a typical portion size could be of protein, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and dairy. But, the template relies very heavily on having a plate that is the right size for the child. My husband and I use full size dinner plates but the children use the side plates form our set. When they were a little younger they would use small children’s plates and as they grow we’ll choose bigger plates for them.

But, with the different food groups I think that dairy is one that doesn’t need to be in every meal as quite a lot of children, ours included, drink milk throughout the day and so they are already getting their quota of dairy outside of meal times. Because of this, that dairy section can be removed and the space can be filled with the other food groups, imagining the plate to just be cut into thirds.

When planning LP and Little Man’s meals they don’t eat anything different to Hubby and I but they eat smaller portions and this goes for both lunch and dinner – although breakfast doesn’t usually have all of the food groups in it.

Once I had drawn a basic version of my template I uploaded it to the Toddler-Sized Challenge website where all of the ideas are showcased and can be looked at and voted for or against by the public.

Through the Toddler-Sized Challenge the Infant and Toddler Forum are trying to create a one stop solution that will help carers of toddlers to know which types of foods to give and in the right balance, how often different types of food should be offered each day and how much should be on their plate. They would like all families to know realistic toddler sized portions and I know from my experience with the Tot It Up Tracker that at times our portion sizes are way off – so having something to help has got to be a good thing.

So far there have been so many different ideas submitted – from apps, to plates and measuring devices. Do you have an idea of how to help parents and other carers know how much and what to feed toddlers? If you do, submit your idea now and be in with a chance of winning – as well as being part of such an amazing idea sharing initiative.

How can you take part?

Signing up to submit an idea is easy, just follow the steps below for your chance to win £1000 and be part of something amazing:

  • Click ‘Join Co-Creation Community’ to sign up and either login with your Facebook or Twitter account or click ‘Register for a new account’ to sign up with your email address
  • Once you’ve registered, scroll down to our ‘Featured’ Toddler-Sized Challenge and click ‘View Full’ to see the competition in more detail
  • Once you’ve read more about the competition and looked at the Toddler Guidance page, click ‘Add your Idea’ to submit your idea
  • Your idea will be reviewed to make a decision on whether to take it forward to the next stage.

And even if you don’t have you own idea you can still take part –

  • Register for an account by following the steps below, vote and comment on ideas for your chance to win Love2Shop Vouchers worth £100.
  • Click ‘Join Co-Creation Community’ to sign up and either login with your Facebook or Twitter account or click ‘Register for a new account’ to sign up with your email address
  • Once you’ve registered, scroll down to our ‘Featured’ Toddler-Sized Challenge and click ‘View Full’ to see already submitted ideas to vote and comment on
  • Click into any idea and vote if you like it by clicking the ‘thumbs up’ symbol or post a comment into the comments thread.

And that’s it! I’ll share the winning idea with you in a few months time.

*This is a collaborative post


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  1. May 17, 2017 / 6:26 pm

    This is such a simple effective idea, my granddaughters are a little on the heavy side, so I will drop a hint to my daughter in law about this !

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