It’s Only Just Begun…

We have officially started our search for a childminder.

As I said in a previous post, we only need childcare for the times that Dave and I are both working. This means that as Dave works shifts, the days and times of the childcare will be different every week. This makes finding a childminder incredibly difficult as most would like to have the same days/hours each week.

Using I have made contact with about a dozen childminders. Out of these we have a shortlist of roughly 6 that we need to visit to meet them, see their home and find out if they’re the right person to look after LP.

We met our first childminder on Sunday. She was nice. Her Husband was nice. Her kids were nice. The house was nice. It was all very nice. The hourly rate was fine, she had availability and could accommodate our flexible hours. She was also willing to work with our routine and Baby Led Weaning. It was all fine.

So what’s the problem? Obviously I need to meet more childminders to make sure that I make the right decision. But I am finding it very hard to be enthusiastic about it.

There was nothing wrong with the people we met at the weekend. The whole family were nice. But to date I have only left LP for one day for 6 hours and a couple of other times for an hour or two maximum and each time I have left her with Dave. No-one else has looked after her.

I am going back to work in exactly 5 months, and now that we are researching childminders it all seems to real. But it is a necessary evil – I have to go back to work and so I need to organise childcare.

This realisation has finally hit me. I am going back to work.

So, I have organised to meet two more childminders on Friday. Both are local and both sound great on paper. Now that I have got the first one out the way, and broken into the world of childcare I am hoping that I can be more enthusiastic next time!

It’s not like I am looking for much – Someone who can look after LP nearly as well as Dave and I, someone who speaks English as their first language, someone who doesn’t smoke and who doesn’t own a dog. I’d also like them to continue with Baby Led Weaning, to continue the same nap/food routines that we have started and to make sure LP gets a good amount of fresh air! TV isn’t banned but should be limited – I’d rather LP was playing with toys or going out for a walk. Not much to ask really is it?

So the hunt should be straight forward. I am hoping we find someone who ticks the boxes fairly soon so that I can concentrate on the next 5 months. Spending each day with LP and making the most of it. I am never going to have this amount of quality time with her again. The next time that LP and I will have a decent amount of time together once I return to work will be when we have another baby and I am on maternity leave next time – a few heavily pregnant weeks before LP’s little Brother or Sister comes along. Those weeks really won’t have the same quality as the weeks now as I won’t be as mobile and will tire more easily.

So LP and I have another 5 months together, before an indefinite amount of time where I will see her in the evenings and weekends only. The thought at the moment is still horrific. I cannot contemplate not giving her lunch every day, not having sleepy cuddles with her before I put her down for her two naps a day and then not seeing her smile when she first wakes up. I am slowly getting used to this fact, but it doesn’t make it any easier. 5 months though, is a long time and I am grateful of every week I have at home. I am in a fortunate position where I can have so long off work, and Dave and I have worked hard to make sure we were in the best possible position when LP arrived. This has meant that so far I have had 8 great months with my Little Pickle, and I had 6 weeks at home before she arrived. I am incredibly lucky.

I am now looking forward to meeting two new childminders on Friday and hoping that I am more enthusiastic about them! LP will get to socialise, will get used to other people, will see and do new things and will love seeing me at 5:30pm every day! I will get to have dinner with her every evenings, and will get to bathe her, put her in her PJs, read her a story, give her the bedtime milk and have sleepy cuddles with her every evening. Going to work each day, I will know that I have LP to look forward to when I get home. I will definitely appreciate the moments with her that I have when I go back to work.

I am now going to be working to live not living to work and will definitely be living for the weekends! 🙂

It's Only Just Begun...

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