Introducing the Wolffepack Luna – an innovation in baby change bags!

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

We had so many change bags when the children were small – from the free ones that came with baby club memberships, to designer ones and ones that had so many pouches and attachments with them. We had across body ones, shoulder bags and even backpacks and looking back we didn’t have the perfect baby change bag at any point. It made me think that maybe the perfect baby change bag just doesn’t exist.

But, the other day an email landed in my inbox, showing me the Wolffepack Luna and it immediately caught my attention. It is so different to any other change bag I have ever seen. In fact, it’s so innovative that it’s different to any bag I have ever seen.

Introducing the Wolffepack Luna - an innovation in baby change bags!

The Wolffepack Luna looks incredible. And I know, that’s a bold statement when talking about a change bag but a statement I stand by. The Luna is a backpack style bag but, with Wolffepack’s orbital system the bag can be swiftly moved round to your front without the hassle of taking the bag off. It can then be hooked on to the front or side of you, putting it in a position that works for you – whether you are carrying your baby in a baby carrier, have it propped on your hip or are holding your child’s hand.

Never again will you have to juggle a baby and a bag, have it falling off your shoulder or not being able to quite reach whatever you need in it. It’s the perfect handsfree bag solution.

Introducing the Wolffepack Luna - an innovation in baby change bags!

But, it also has everything you have come to expect from change bags – a good size changing mat, insulated side pockets for bottle that have handy double zipper pulls. It has integrated buggy hooks so you can attach it to your pushchair’s handles and it has a whopping 12 pockets, keeping everything as organised as possible and giving you space for everything.

Introducing the Wolffepack Luna - an innovation in baby change bags!

There are easy access pockets on the front of the bag that are perfect for your phone, purse or keys and the whole bag is made of durable materials making it water resistant and wipe-clean. The Wolffepack Luna is a bag that is built to last and should see you from the newborn baby days right the way through to when you no longer need a change bag anymore.

But, even then the Luna would fit well into day to day life – if you take out the change mat you’re left with the perfect space for a laptop and the innovative Wolffepack design means that the bag would be great for travelling, commuting or even the school run. Wolffepack bags are about as exciting as a bag can get and the Wolffepack Luna fits the Wolffepack line up perfectly.

Introducing the Wolffepack Luna - an innovation in baby change bags!

Does this sound like the kind of bag you would love to own? Well, the Wolffepack Luna is currently looking to secure funding through it’s Kickstarter campaign. The are some fantastic packages available when you pledge – with amazing discounts on the Wolffepack Luna when it launches.

You can find out more about the Wolffepack Luna Kickstarter campaign here and more about the brand over on their website. I have another in the Wolffepack range of bags and absolutely love it so I know that when Wolffepack Luna launches it will be a popular choice with parents everywhere.

Here’s a video of Wolffepack Luna in action:

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Wolffepack Luna – an innovation in baby change bags!”

  1. I’ve been through so many changing bags too! I had the freebie that came with a certain shop’s Baby Club as a handbag while I was pregnant because it was big enough for my green book without feeling like I needed to carry a huge satchel or something like that! I have been through a couple of Skip Hop ones which I loved but just didn’t work so well if I didn’t have the buggy with me or was trying to baby wear. I’d often go back to a good old backpack because I could wear it on my front with Jaxon on my back. Currently, he has a big backpack for his changing bag because of toilet training at preschool and things like that but today we narrowed it down to a minimal kit for out outings – it kind of worked but could have caused an issue if we’d been out longer. This was then carried in my Hi-Gear Ratio backpack that has plenty of pockets for me to put things in but also works to have a me pocket and a Jaxon pocket.

    • Okay so in addition to this it would be perfect for the on the bus because currently I have to take the bag off and then allow enough time at the next stop to stand up and get it back on again before getting the buggy off the bus! Genius!

  2. I’m the same as you and have been through so many bags. We are at the point where I need a more practical bag, one I can carry on my back to have my hands free to hold both the girls. I still have to carry clothes for Holly and drinks and snacks for both, this looks fab! I hope they get the funding they need x


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