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Introducing the Black Tower Deliciously Light Range | AD

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Black Tower have launched a new range of wine that is set to revolutionise the way people consume alcohol. There are so many times where I’ve chosen not to drink – when I’m in a fitness and healthy living mindset or when I have something happening the following day where I need to be on form. But what if instead of not drinking you could just enjoy the same number of drinks as usual but containing less alcohol?

Introducing the Black Tower Deliciously Light Range - and Win!

Black Tower’s new low alcohol range, Deliciously Light, means you can still have the pleasure of a glass or two of wine without the after effects of consuming too much alcohol. At only 29 calories per 125ml glass and 0.5% ABV it’s great for those looking for a healthier lifestyle but still wanting to indulge every so often. It’s only 1.5 SYNS on Slimming World too so great for those that don’t want to veer away from their plan.

The range features white, red, rosé and sparkling varietals and they are great alternatives to standard wine. All of the varieties are fruity and sweet – slightly sweeter than normal wine. But, they are easy to drink and great for alongside food or as part of a party or celebration.

Introducing the Black Tower Deliciously Light Range - and Win!

I used to find that I would get an after taste with wine and that it would coat my mouth. Deliciously Light isn’t like that. There’s no after taste and it’s fresh and light. The red wine is much less dense than a typical red wine making much easier to drink and the rosé doesn’t have that lingering flavour I’ve come to expect when drinking rosé wine.

The whole range is so enjoyable to drink, refreshing and a lovely alternative to wine. I actually think that people who don’t like wine should try Deliciously Light as it’s a different drinking experience.

Introducing the Black Tower Deliciously Light Range - and Win!

Black Tower’s Deliciously Light range definitely fills a gap in the market from my perspective. If you enjoy a glass of wine but don’t like all the negative effects of drinking it – the calorie level and alcohol content – then Deliciously Light takes those worries away and lets you still drink responsibly but with the peace of mind that your head won’t be so fuzzy in the morning.


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  1. I’d love to try the rosé. I’m not interested in entering the Tough Mudder as I am too old and unfit, however my daughter regularly runs 5k & 10K and would like to do the South London 5k.

  2. Oh my god I thought I was filling in the wine form and did so with gusto then in horror looked up and realised I’d filled in the tough mudder form. Hi, I need a time machine!

  3. I’d like to try the Red – but they all sound so appealing, especially for summer, when wine can feel too heavy xx

  4. I would love to try the rose! I’m not much of a drinker, but when I do have a tipple, more often than not it’s a rose!

  5. all of the wines look good, so any of the rose, sparkling, white or red would be perfect

  6. I think the deliciously light sparkling would be absolutely perfect on a hot summers day so I’d love to try that one most.

  7. I used to never be able to chose between red and white, so now I’m definitely a Rose girl! That’s the one I’d go for

  8. I’d like to try the red wine but I think I’ll give the tough mudder a miss, would rather drink the wine

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