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Isn’t it funny how childbirth is a leveller for women? We might have nothing in common. Working in different fields and having different political views, hobbies and interests. But most of us can chat happily to another woman about the most intimate things when it comes to giving birth.

Introducing GYNrepair Cream - and a 15 Day Free Trial!

And yet, it seems that after the act of childbirth we revert to our very British idiosyncrasies. Struggling to discuss problems with our external intimate areas even with our doctor or our best friends. So, if we do suffer with discomfort or itching in that area, it is a relief to find a product available online or in pharmacies that offers relief.

I’m working with GYNrepair to raise awareness of their CFPC-based topical cream. For some women, their symptoms become so severe that they struggle to sit down without feeling uncomfortable. Or cycling is out of the question due to dryness, itching and a burning sensation.

GYNrepair was devised to alleviate such symptoms naturally. This innovative product was developed and made in Switzerland to work with the skin’s own regenerative properties. It relieves dryness, twinges and feelings of tightness and discomfort.

Introducing GYNrepair Cream - and a 15 Day Free Trial!

Produced without the use of perfumes or dyes, GYNrepair does not disrupt the body’s natural PH. Its active ingredients are based on scientific research to ensure that customers see real results.

Customers using GYNrepair have experienced relief from their symptoms. It is already widely available in pharmacies in Switzerland and one customer has expressed her relief after using it, saying, “I did not feel any itching and much less irritations – it is a big relief for me to use your product GYNrepair® CFPC® cream. I have been able to have calm nights again.”

The CFPC-based formula is exclusive to Elanix Biotechnologies. In clinical tests, 95% of people found it provided relief. You can currently purchase GYNrepair online and it will soon be available in pharmacies as well.

If this sounds like something you could use, head to the GYNrepair website for a 15 day free trial. You only need to fill in your contact details and postal address to receive your free sample.

Introducing GYNrepair Cream - and a 15 Day Free Trial!
Introducing GYNrepair Cream - and a 15 Day Free Trial!


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