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Introducing ‘Communication Skills and Attachment Play: The First Five Years’ by Dr Margot Sunderland | AD

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How much quality time do you have with your children? A 2018 study found that half of parents spend less than one hour of quality time per day with their children which isn’t surprising with work, housework and everything else we need to fit into the day. But, with children spending an average of 190 days a year in school it has never been more important for us to forge healthy, meaningful attachments with our children.

Me & Mine {November 2016}

This year Dr Margot Sunderland has launched her latest DVD, Communication Skills and Attachment Play: The First Five Years. Dr Margot Sunderland is an award-winning child psychologist and Director of Education and Training at not-for-profit The Centre for Child Mental Health. She is author of over twenty books on child mental health and her British Medical Association award-winning book What Every Parent Needs to Know has been voted as one of the top brain science books of our time. As you can see, Dr Sunderland really knows her stuff when it comes to children’s development and health.

The Communication Skills and Attachment Play: The First Five Years aims to help parents and other caregivers build relationships with children and and give them the tools, skills and practical ideas they need to support a child’s learning, brain development and social intelligence in fresh ways.

The movie features beautiful interactions between adults and children throughout, showing parents, teachers and carers talking to and playing with young children and babies. Everything shown in the DVD is backed by the latest brain science research and it has been proven that one on one time at home and in child care settings is so important for a child’s development. To help, the DVD covers topics like key communication skills with children under five for the best social, emotional and language development.

I know that in our home, aside from on maternity leave, there has always been room for more one on one interactions between myself and the children. It’s something I’m focusing on, playing with the children more, spending time with them individually where possible and switching off from work outside of the children’s school hours as much as possible too. I’ve realised it’s about making time and the DVD shows it’s about making the most of the time that you do have.

The DVD moves on to the importance of attachment play in the early years and how it is vital for a child’s intelligence and emotional wellbeing. There are attachment play ideas for children up to five which support skills for life like having an idea and following through to completion, physical and mental coordination, being a good team player, creativity and imagination.

The movie covers the importance of physical attachment play in the early years and understanding how frequent physical play between adult and child can be a real gift for life.

The main thing the DVD showed me, as well as new ways to play and communicate with young children, is the importance of quality time. It’s so important to spend time with children, play with them and give them your soul focus even if this is just for an hour a day.

The DVD is really informative and would be a fantastic resource for anyone starting their parenting journey or anyone wanting more tips, ideas and techniques on how to deepen and enrich their existing relationships with children. I loved that it used language I could understand and I felt like it was talking to me as an equal. It’s a collection of films that any parent or child care professional could really benefit from watching.

So many parents find it hard to connect with their children on a day to day basis. Many don’t know how to play with children on their level or have run out of ideas of how to play. I know, if I hadn’t grown up with younger siblings I wouldn’t have known where to start when interacting with and playing children of my own.

This accessible and entertaining DVD would be a fantastic investment for early years professionals and parents looking to enrich their relationships with children, find new play ideas and communicate better.

You can find out more and purchase a copy of Communication Skills and Attachment Play: The First Five Years for £16.99 here.

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