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The lovely people at Fine Bedding Company have asked me to share my ingredients for a great night sleep as part of their #SleepIngredients campaign. Looking back I know that prior to having kids I loved sleep, had a lot of it but didn’t really ever appreciate it enough. Then I had wonderful pregnancy insomnia that set me up for having children and it feels like for years since having LP my sleep has never been the same.

But now, with a nearly four year old and two year old I would like to think that a night of good sleep is achievable on a regular basis and here are some of the things I do to try and have the best sleep possible:

  • Bath – A bath before bed, or at least at some point in the evening really helps to relax me and get me into a sleepy time mode, especially with aromatherapy bath products.
  • Early Night – The earlier I go to bed the better I sleep but it doesn’t happen as often as it should!
  • No Screens Before Bed – Turning the TV and computer off and putting my phone away for half an hour before bed helps to get into the right frame of mind for bed.
  • Read – Reading before bed always helps me to relax.
  • Malt Drinks – I don’t know what it is about malt drinks but they really help me feel relaxed and content before bed and are definitely better than anything full of caffeine.
  • Clean Bed Sheets – I always sleep better with fresh sheets on the bed and just changing them as often as possible helps me sleep well.
  • Quality bedding – We invested in good quality pillows and duvet last year and our sleep has been so much better for it! Even nice sheets help me to have a better night’s sleep.
  • No alarms – I always sleep the best when I don’t have to get up in the morning – so obvious isn’t it?! The days when I don’t have to set my alarm – school holiday saturday nights – are the ones where I sleep the best regardless of anything else.
Ingredients for a Good Night's Sleep

So there we have it, my top tips for a good night’s sleep although I can’t say I tick every box every night but I try to do at least three or four each night to have a bit better sleep and when I can I tick all of those boxes – often when we’re on holiday!

If you’d like some more ingredients to the perfect night’s sleep, visit Fine Bedding Company and their #SleepIngredients hub – there’s a lot of advice and top tips that will hopefully give you the best sleep possible.


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