I’m the mum who…

I was tagged by Vicky to share what kind of Mum I am in a meme. I love joining in with memes and this is one that really made me think.

So what kind of Mum am I?

I’m the Mum who thought she may never have children until she saw those two lines on the test.

I’m the Mum who spent my whole pregnancies hoping for a positive birth experience.

I’m the Mum who planned two home births – complete with birth pool and shower curtains to protect the floor.

I’m the Mum who spent so much time sitting on a birth ball in the late weeks of pregnancy.

I’m the Mum who put on over 4 stone in my first pregnancy.

I’m the Mum who gave birth to both babies in the lounge, with the home address appearing on their birth certificate as place of birth.

I’m the Mum who packed ‘just in case’ hospital bags, one of which I needed after Little Man was born.

I’m the Mum who had a horrendous few weeks at the start of breastfeeding but was so glad I persevered.

I’m the Mum that loved night feeds. The silence, that time of just you and the baby. The whole world asleep.

I’m the Mum who was pregnant again before her daughter’s first birthday.

I’m the Mum who returned to work after maternity leave already pregnant again.

I’m the Mum who planned to have children close together  and found the first few months of having two so hard.

I’m the Mum who now looks back and is glad she chose that close age gap – it was worth the hard times.

I’m the Mum that looks at her children’s eyes all the time to see if they’re inheriting her squint from childhood.

I’m the Mum that still sometimes wonders if Little Man will grow ginger as he gets older.

I’m the Mum that had to deal with her daughter breaking her leg at 15 months.

I’m the Mum that got into babywearing too late and wishes she’d embraced it with LP.

I’m the Mum that loves to listen the children on the baby monitor at night – breathing, snoring and rolling over.

I’m the Mum that loves being woken up by her daughter coming into the room in the morning – the best wake up call there is.

I’m the Mum who will miss LP when she starts school in September but who is looking forward to adventures with Little Man.

I’m the Mum who dreaded the children sharing a room until it happened and was fine.

I’m the Mum who skips bath time when Hubby isn’t there as it’s just too much work by myself and one night doesn’t matter.

I’m the Mum that wishes I had more family on my side to fill the gap I see in the children’s lives – knowing full well that they have an incredible family with those that they already have.

I’m the Mum that looks forward to Christmas all year round and really thinks it’s a highlight of the family’s year and who will keep the magic of Christmas alive as long as possible.

I’m the Mum who loves to watch Disney movies with the children, snuggled in a blanket.

I’m the Mum that watches cartoons in bed with the children before they go to bed.

I’m the Mum that cooks for the kids when Hubby is working and often forgets to feed herself – having toast later.

I’m the Mum that is choosing the best bits of my childhood to relive with the children and who is making new traditions too.

I’m the Mum that hopes to be the best Mum I can be and to be there for my children indefinitely.

I’m the Mum who makes choices in the hope that they are the best for my children.

I’m the Mum who has made mistakes and will no doubt make more.

I’m the Mum that isn’t perfect.

I’m the Mum who will buy every single school photo that the children appear in.

I’m the Mum who looks at LP and LM with such pride – they are everything I had hoped and more.

I’m the Mum that sees life going by so fast and am willing it to slow, just a little.

I’m the Mum, with the two children. Happy to stop at that point.

I’m the Mum that is content to be right where she is.

I'm the mum who...
This perfect photo of us was taken by Hayley over at Shutterflies

What kind of Mum are you Steph and Lauren? I’d love for you to join in if you want to!



  1. June 2, 2015 / 9:39 pm

    What a beautiful post – I smiles the whole way through reading this.

  2. June 3, 2015 / 2:31 am

    Oh, I love this! And that photo… just beautiful 🙂 will happily take part hun xx

  3. June 3, 2015 / 6:08 am

    Ah what a lovely tag! I remember reading about your home birth. Your blog is one I’ve read long before blogging myself and it’s lovely to see you & your family grow xx

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