I love Twitter

I have just passed the 30,000 Tweet milestone on Twitter. I love Twitter and it has become an extension of my social circle for me.

I have a group of really close female friends in real life. Friends that I wouldn’t change for anything – friends that have been with me through getting married, having children and other ups and downs in life. I love my friends.

But, Twitter is a place where you can share the mundane things, the tiny little insignificant things. Everyone on Twitter can relate to those teenie things and will happily talk about them. They’ll talk about leaky nappies at 3am, lack of sleep at 6am, toddlers refusing their nap at 2pm. They’ll talk about these things and everything in between, and they’ll talk about them every day.

Even I know that these mundane moments in life would bore the tears out of any real life friends – continual 140 character texts about baby poo, baby puke, leaky nappies, teething hell, lack of sleep and everything else.

Twitter is a friend who is always there, on your phone and in your pocket. It’s like a shadow, living every moment with you. There is always someone awake on Twitter too!

I have also made a group of really close friends on Twitter. 4 lovely ladies who I haven’t met in real life yet but who are very much great friends of mine – we do Secret Santa for the children at Christmas, we remember eachother’s Birthdays and we have a really great friendship – over Twitter, WhatsApp and Text – All from, literally, different ends of the country.

Some people don’t understand Twitter and I can see why. You tweet at 7:30 am that you’re having your soggy cornflakes before work and then you don’t tweet again until a week later saying that your dog ate the post. Twitter is somewhere you need to spend a bit of time, cultivate relationships and tweet regularly. People need to get to know you through those 140 characters and they can’t do that from a tweet once a week.

My Twitter followers know that I love a bargain, they know all about LP and LM, they know – quite often – I tweet before I think – pretty much like real life really! My Twitter followers know me pretty well.

Twitter may be seen as 140 character status updates but really Twitter is so much more than that.

I love Twitter


  1. Lauren (@laurenbigeejit)
    September 18, 2013 / 12:53 pm

    I love Twitter toooooo! (You may have guessed that, lol!) My husband doesn’t get it, even though he is on it, but he only chats to people he knows in real life. He doesn’t understand how I can call you guys my friends when we’ve never met! Is it a boy thing, or a suspicious policeman thing?!

    • genuineplacebo
      September 18, 2013 / 1:05 pm

      Hahaha Hubby’s the same!! Definitely a boy thing 🙂 x

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