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Summer is in full swing, and while we’re enjoying the hot, sunny weather – we’re all happy to finally have our windows and doors open and let some fresh air inside. But have you considered how exposed your home might be to burglars and opportunist thieves?

How can I keep my home safe? Home security tips you need right now

Statistics show that burglaries and thefts are more common in the summer time. So, what can we do to help prevent it happening to us? Well, here you’ll find some handy advice of how you can keep your home safe and secure. Not just throughout summer, but all year long.


Keeping your property well lit and well maintained is one of the best ways to keep thieves at bay. Keep your home well lit and they’ll be nowhere to hide and nowhere to scout out your property without being seen by you or your neighbours. From lights on either side of your front door, to solar powered garden stakes or LED floodlights from LED Hut. The choice is yours; keeping your property well-lit will help deter burglars from choosing your home.

Appearances matter

Don’t look like a target. If your home is well maintained, the front porch and door looks well secured, the garden fence isn’t falling to bits and everything appears to have a good level of care about it, then any potential thief will know that this home is regularly occupied and has someone always watching.

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That big flat screen TV you’re hugely proud of? It might look great on the wall, but the fact that everyone passing your living room window can clearly see it? No so smart. Always try to keep your valuables out of sight, so if anyone does comes snooping around your windows they don’t spot your laptop or your camera on the settee where you left it before you popped out. Keep everything tucked away out of sight – that includes the kids electronics too and install some blinds or net curtains while you’re at it.

If you’ve just bought an expensive item, make sure that the box it came in is concealed and disposed of correctly. Avoid having it in view. If you’ve been out in the garden doing some work or playing with the kids, then ensure everything is put away properly. Don’t ever leave your valuables out over night or left unattended if you’re heading to the shops.

Items such as lawnmowers, hardware, electrical items, gardening tools and even your BBQ are not only there for the taking, but also big tell tale signs as to what goods might be up for grabs inside too.

Hide all the keys

Still keep your spare key under the doormat? You’d be amazed at how many homeowners still hide their keys under flowerpots and garden ornaments. Always keys out of sight. That includes any car keys that might be in view in your hallway or hanging on key hooks or in bowls.

How can I keep my home safe? Home security tips you need right now

*This is a collaborative guest post


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