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Any creative masterpiece created by your son or daughter won’t make you smile when you find it on your new wallpaper or carpet. If you find yourself amongst one of those parents constantly fearing what will be broken next it means you are not alone. A recent survey carried out by More Th>n informs us that the cost of household damage caused by a child until they reach their 10th birthday amounts to £2000.

Having asked 2,000 mums and dads about household accidents involving their sons & daughters they all said they are inevitable and usually involve damages to the walls, floors and windows, TV and other electronics are often also affected. One of them even found toast in the DVD player!

The most common damages caused by youngsters are:

  1. Drawing on walls
  2. Permanent stains on the carpet
  3. Breaking plates and crockery
  4. Damaging furniture
  5. Footprints/handprints on surfaces
  6. Scratching upholstery
  7. Blocking the toilet
  8. Accidentally smashing a window
  9. Scratching walls with bikes
  10. Blocking kitchen/bathroom sink
  11. Breaking beds by jumping on them
  12. Staining kitchen surfaces
  13. Breaking door handles
  14. Pulling up carpets
  15. Splashing paint on everything
  16. Gluing things to furniture and walls
  17. Breaking banister to the stairs
  18. Breaking the TV
  19. Setting things on fire
  20. Putting toys in the microwave

It is obvious that kids are clumsy and therefore more prone to accidents than adults but there are many ways parents can prevents some of them. 25% of parents participating in the survey stated they refrain from buying expensive items for their homes until their kids grow up and almost 29% of them save a certain part of their incomes for house fixes and replacements caused by accidents involving their kids.

A careful approach can save you some money when bringing up your small ones. Make sure you entertain your children using safe toys or washable pens, try to make them interested in board games or some creative paper art (teach them origami with ever so popular origami calendars).

And if you believe you would want to get some more peace of mind when it comes to damages caused by them accidently why not to check out the extras you can get with home insurance. Companies such as More Than offer not only the home insurance but also accidental damage cover on top.

House damages cost parents up to £2000 surveys reveals

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