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We mostly know what we mean when referring to clothes that fit. All other considerations aside, if your clothes physically don’t fit your body, they simply don’t work for you in any way that matters. 

But thinking about it more deeply, there are other ways that your clothes might not fit even if size is not a problem. A certain pair of sunglasses might not fit your carefully-crafted image. The Biker look might clash with your business persona. That business casual attire might not help you fit in with a counter-cultural social group if that is your thing.

Furniture is similar in that it says something about who you are. All of your style choices are reflections of your self-image or the image of yourself you are trying to project to others. You can learn a lot about a person from their furniture choices. Make sure you choose furniture that fits. Here is how to do it:

It Matters Where You Buy It

A clothes enthusiast does not buy off the rack suits from a discount retailer that also sells toilet paper and comic book action figures. They buy from suit experts and stores with resident tailors. Where you buy a thing speaks to how much you know or care about the thing you are purchasing.

The same is true for furniture. If you buy it from the same place you buy your clothes, it might indicate that you care little about either. If you need furniture that fits your lifestyle, you want to look for places that cater to lifestyle furniture buyers. If you cannot find one locally, there are many online options such as Boyles Furniture and Rugs, that can direct you to the nearest showroom.

If you don’t really know what furniture best fits you, then it makes sense to shop at a place where the associates can ask the right questions. They are not looking for a quick sale of commodity pieces. They are looking to make happy, long-term customers. 

Furniture That Fits Your Circumstances

Moving from a large, mid-western house to a small, New York apartment is a big change in circumstances. The furniture for one space would not be a good fit for the other. There are many reasons, not the least of which is the furniture literally wouldn’t fit. The sprawling sectional with chaise lounge is more than just a seating option. It is a lifestyle statement that only makes sense in the right circumstances.

Even if you could fit such a massive piece of furniture, your circumstances dictate that you maximize space. This is especially true if you intend to do any sort of entertaining at all. Other things that represent a major change in circumstance besides the size of your space include the following:

  • Having a baby
  • Adopting a pet
  • Setting up an office in the home
  • Installing a big-screen TV

All of these circumstances greatly affect your furniture choices. What fits in one circumstance may not work at all in another. So before making a big furniture purchase, take a moment to consider which of your circumstance have changed since the last time you bought furniture.

Here’s What It Means to Buy Furniture That Fits

Furniture That Fits Your Long-Term Needs

When you are on a tight budget, you are thinking less about your long-term needs and more about what is possible at that moment. And that works out well enough for things that are short-term in nature. By tomorrow, you will have forgotten whatever it is you are eating right now. 

But you will not always be in whatever financial jam you might be experiencing at the time you realize you need new furniture. There are real consequences to buying cheap furniture. Some of those pieces will be with you for the next 10 years. So you can’t just think about what fits you today. You have to consider what will fit you in the days to come.

Buying furniture that fits starts with getting it from the right place. Make sure you take your changing circumstances into account. Then consider if that furniture choice is likely to fit over the full expanse of time you plan to own it.

Here’s What It Means to Buy Furniture That Fits

*This is a collaborative guest post


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