Here’s Why You Don’t Need a Tribe, Pod or Anything Else

A while ago there was a lot of talk in the blogging community about blogging tribes and how it was the next must-have thing in the world of blogging. But lately there has been less talk of tribes and more of pods. A general pod or ones across social media – Instagram pods, Facebook pods. Pods for anything blogging related that you would like to improve. But, whether you call it a tribe or a pod it’s essentially the same thing – a group who help and support each other to inflate activity on their blogs and/or social media, to like, share, comment and generally engage with content.

Here's Why You Don't Need a Tribe, Pod or Anything Else

This sounds good, doesn’t it? Having all of those things increased, making your posts reach more people and making your words hit the eyes of of many more readers than you’d hoped. But, being in a pod or tribe can be all encompassing. You agree to like things, share things, comment on things – whatever the rules are to which you’ve agreed. It isn’t all rainbows and roses – you may not find the posts very inspiring or even interesting, you may not think the Instagram photos are very good and really the content may just not be things you really want to engage with – and you wouldn’t if you weren’t in that pod.

But everyone has a tribe or pod, don’t they? It’s what everyone does to get their content seen and to get somewhere, isn’t it?

Well, no. It isn’t. When you’re a new blogger there’s a lot of pressure to get to that theoretical somewhere as soon as possible – and yet it always seems so out of reach and pods and tribes seem appealing to get you there that bit quicker.

I’ve never had a tribe or a pod and instead I have a few close blogging friends who I can bounce ideas off, who I can talk to about pretty much anything and who really understand this blogging life. They are people who read my posts because they enjoy them – and who I know will skip the posts that don’t interest them.

They are people who will spot typos, who will share content naturally if it fits with what they would usually share and who will engage with me on social media if they want to. But they would never feel forced to do any of those things and they don’t do it because they’re my friends either – they do it because, as a blogger, you do naturally share content and engage on social media with things that interest you.

So, my point is, you don’t need a tribe. You need other bloggers to talk to and to bounce things off, you need the blogging community for advice and support and you need to create content that is as sharable and as engaging as you possibly can.

If you keep writing and keep using social media you really don’t need a tribe or a pod. People naturally engage and using tribes and pods purely inflate your statistics temporarily whilst you’re in that pod and it won’t really add anything long term apart from being one extra thing on your to-do list each day.

For me, long term blogging is all about growing. Growing your content, growing your social media, growing your blog and growing your blogging circle of friends. This can all be done naturally, organically and steadily over time without tribes, pods or anything else.

Just keep writing, create content and the rest will come.

Here's Why You Don't Need a Tribe, Pod or Anything Else

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  • I tried this recently but quickly realised it wasn’t for me. It felt false to be sharing blog posts that I sometimes didn’t agree with. Growing naturally might take longer but in the long term I definitely think it’s best.

  • I occasionally join comment threads when I want to shake up new blogs to read (not sure if they are pods, tribes, gangs or whatever!) I’m sure this isn’t the main purpose of them but I have loved seeing different formats of blogs. You are so good at mixing with other bloggers and supporting them and obviously post great content – its no wonder they consistently come back to you! x

  • I tried these for a little while but I found that they were a bit all-consuming and I ended up stopping my natural interaction so they did more harm than good. When I started putting the same amount of time into it but doing it naturally it worked a lot better for me.

  • Agree in part – but Facebook just won’t show my content unless my pod helps me boost it. I don’t do any other pods now though, just that. And my blogging tribe ARE my friends – that’s just what we call each other! 🙂

  • I needed to read this today as I think about leaving some Instagram pods. I find them a bit exhausting and there are some peoples stuff I’m forced to comment on that I just wouldn’t otherwise. It does feel a little like ‘cheating’ doesn’t it. But if everyone else does it and you don’t I worry I will never be able to ‘compete’? I feel similarly about linkies!

    • I love linkies, and have found some of my favourite blogs through linkies but they really aren’t for everyone. For me, linkies are all about community rather than reciprocating comments etc because I feel obliged. Ah I love linkies! x

  • Blogging friends to bounce ideas off, and discuss thing sounds a lot less pressured and more natural and beneficial. I love the idea of genuinely supporting each other rather than an exchange/transaction (if that makes sense). For me though, It’s sometimes difficult and can feel like I am blogging in to a vacuum, or rather talking into a room which is already crowded with chatter, when you don’t have blogging friends. I think that’s another reason why pods and tribes maybe have an appeal.

    • Yep, I think when bloggers are starting out and don’t have those blogging connections or even more established bloggers that have never really found blogging friends they can be useful x

  • I have never really had a pod or tribe, but for some reason at the moment I really want to connect with like-minded people. I have been blogging a long time and perhaps it is down to feeling a little alone at the moment.

    • Ah Jen, I’m always here 🙂 Blogging can often feel a very solitary thing and even me – chatting to people every day – I can often feel like I’m just me doing my thing and a bit detached from other bloggers. It’s often hard to find like minded bloggers though x

  • I know what you mean about the pods and I agree to what your saying, I don’t really use them!! Having a group of like minded bloggers is definitely the way forward. I’m glad i found my tribe fairly early on I think I would have quit already otherwise. They spur me on and show me what is possible. It’s inspiring! ????

  • Well said, Donna – it’s something that’s riled me for YEARS! I’ve spoken out about it plenty of times.
    If you write decent content it will be found, read and shared, ad infinitum. IMHO tribes create false shares and stats for PR’s only and create an even smaller community than the one you think you have.

  • I totally get this Donna – I joined a few Instagram pods a while ago and it was fun to start with but then Instagram just seemed like a massive chore. I LOVE Instagram so this made me sad and I stopped. It’s not worth it for a few extra likes x

  • My problem is that I am eventually running out of idea. It was really bad over the summer period actually. Since then my stats have spike up again drastically but to keep it there is the hard bit. I can’t come up with great content sometimes so the content I do come up with I try to promote in pods.

  • I can see how they can be beneficial but I’m not a fan either. I also just don’t have time for the reciprocal interaction. It does feel fake to me. Although, I suppose there’s lots of thints that can be seen as fake, and I do plenty of those myself (like giveaways with social media entries or going on liking/follow sprees).

  • Love this Donna. I am yet to find blogging “friends” I’d say -I chat to lots of bloggers and engage but I feel kinda alone still! But I try and remember why I did this and it wasn’t to make millions or have a load of friends. it was to write, and put my time and effort into something I cared about. all of this – the social element and all you lovely bloggers – I didn’t even realise you were all out there to get to know! it’s an added bonus hehe x

  • PODs and tribes both sound so fake. This approach to blogging doesn’t sound like a natural nor honest way to go about building and engaging with an audience. Also, it sounds like a lot of hard work to promote and endorse things you may dislike and even disagree with.

  • I agree, although I’ve nothing against people that use them. I was in an Instagram pod but left as it felt fake and I felt under pressure to keep up. Same with a Facebook one. I knew the comments I got weren’t genuine either. I have an unofficial tribe of blogging buddies which is better. Thank you for linking up to #Blogschool xxx

  • I hate the word pod or tribe for that matter. I comment on blogs because I connect with them and I like reading posts. I would hate to be forced into commenting or liking something on social media. But that is just me and I am sure other people get alot from tribes x