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Having been around dogs for most of my life I know that they can vary massively in temperament. I’ve met dogs who are happy to roll around on the floor and have their tummy rubbed, ones who won’t go near humans and ones who just like to take their time in getting to know you. I’ve also known dogs who are as placid as anything who then get completely spooked at this time of year, constantly on edge and nervous – jumping at every firework that goes off outside and barking constantly when they’re left by themselves for even a few minutes.

Lintbells recently carried out The National Dog Happiness Survey where they questioned two thousand dog owners about their dog’s happiness and found that 9% rated their dog’s happiness at 6/10 or less and it’s not surprising really that firework noise was identified as one of the main triggers of stress in dogs – with nearly half of owners feeling that most dogs would be stressed by the fireworks noises.

Helping Dogs to De-Stress this Season with YuCALM

Nearly 20% of dog owners think that their dog spends more than 10% of their time feeling anxious, stressed or nervous and with fireworks season upon us those numbers are set to rise. But, if you have a dog that’s prone to these sorts of emotions, especially during this time of year, it will be a relief to know there are ways to combat stress in pets.

Helping Dogs to De-Stress this Season with YuCALM

Lintbells vet James Howie says

“There are techniques that can be used to help support your dog through fireworks season using supplements and other aids can keep dogs relaxed enough to accept these techniques without feeling too anxious. It’s vital to involve the experts, though, to make sure you help your dog learn new habits that will stick and that you lower anxiety effectively.”

To help, Lintbells have issued some helpful dos and don’ts for pet owners this firework season.

  • Do – keep your dog safe indoors and ensure they have identification such as a registered microchip and a collar with a disc including your contact details as a third of owners said their dogs are likely to react to stress by running away.
  • Do – provide a safe hiding place indoors (such as a tent or pet bed in a quiet, secluded part of the house) – over half of dog owners told Lintbells that their dogs tend to react to stress and anxiety by cowering or hiding.
  • Do – act calmly and normally, providing too much fuss can reinforce the idea that there is something to be afraid of.
  • Do – make sure the environment is safe if your dog starts to react in an uncharacteristic way: 13% of survey respondents said their dogs become destructive when stressed.
  • Don’t – keep the house in silence, a radio or TV can help mask the noise of fireworks.
  • Don’t – leave your dog alone at night if at all possible:  21% of survey respondents felt that being left alone was stressful for most dogs and in fact it’s estimated that up to 80% of dogs suffer from some form of separation anxiety when their owners are absent.
Helping Dogs to De-Stress this Season with YuCALM

Lintbells’ new natural calming product YuCALM Dog is an effective way to help reduce stress and support dogs to become happier and more playful, especially at this time of year when fireworks are everywhere. But it’s also great for any time of change in an animal’s life – from moving home to welcoming a new addition to the family.

Helping Dogs to De-Stress this Season with YuCALM


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  1. Yes. My dog is sensitive to loud noises and hates fireworks, or even things like when we are all talking in my large family and she thinks we are angry when we are just being a bit loud! I think it is because dog’s have more sensitive hearing and also because they don’t fully understand what is going on. We have tried making a “nest” for her, also trying to ignore the noises and act calmly seems to help a bit.

  2. Ah this is such a good idea, my dogs just hate the fireworks. I’m about to walk my elderly dog and I’m dreading fireworks going off while we’re out, it really frightens him.

  3. Yes I do think dogs get stressed and imagine there are triggers for them such as being left alone, loud noises, any changes in the household

  4. They get stressed when their routine changes and they don’t know what to expect. Unusual noises/loud bangs – even sneezes, can be a worry, and they don’t likeit if there’s stress/ arguments/hostility in their environment.

  5. Loud noises cause stress for many pets. Autumn is horrible in this sense as we can’t predict when people are going to set fireworks off again.

  6. Yes they definitely do get stressed. Any changes can cause stress or being left alone for a few hours or so, even if you’re stressed yourself, I believe they can pick up on it x

  7. No question they definately get stressed. My dog is very clingy and gets upset when any of his pack goes out the door. He also hates the fireworks at this time of year so spends much of his time hiding under our coffee table or under his blanket…bless him!

  8. I have two dogs Minnie and marley. While Minnie is a happy go lucky dog Marley is a lot more tense and is especially spooked by the fireworks and other outside noises.

  9. Dogs can certainly get stressed we have two dogs that are very bonded to one another and they get very stressed when they are away from one another. One of them was from a puppy mill and taen from her mother too early so she came very malnourished and afraid; she has bad anxiety and lics a lot to deal with it. We’re a bit worried about her this bonfire night. Lot’s of cuddles and cosy blanets as she gets cold easily. Our other dog is a big old bear and nothing really gets to him. He’s lie the turtles of Nemo 🙂

  10. Our poor Jess gets very stressed. She was originallyl a rescue dog that went from home to home and we are not sure of her history except last owner who kept her outside watching the other pets through a window. Her ribs were showing and it took is a while to teach her to walk on a lead. She is now living in our house where it’s warm dry and she is terrorised everyday by our three girls but she’s happy to actually have the interaction. The only problem we have with her is that she hates other dogs. We were told this was an anxiety. You can feel her back into your legs when she sees one and then she goes ape with a high pitched scream.

  11. they often get stressed but partly because they’re not acclimatised to different sights and sound when they are younger

  12. Yes, dogs do get stressed, I’ve also noticed that if I’m stressed it rubs out on my dog. He also gets very stressed & runs into the bathroom & hides when at this time of year the fireworks are going off.

  13. Yes I think pets / animals can get stressed as I believe it is shown in their behaviour. They are sociable, so lack of company can be stressful e.g. Loss of companion whether human or another pet. Unexpected noise etc e.g. Fireworks can unsettle pets. Best to provide them with human contact I think. Aiming to keep home dull i.e. no bright lights, and quiet.

  14. Yes, I think dogs do get stressed. My puppy shakes or barks when she hears loud noises like the hoover, trips to the vet, at people in uniforms etc.

  15. Yes I think Dogs get stressed. They pick up on the feelings of their owners if their stressed and upset and also things like Fireworks, introducing new animals or people to the home, missing or pining for loved ones. Poor wee things!. Dxx

  16. My dog hudson definitely does unfortunately & it’s normally un-known noises or in the car. I think every single thing with a heart can get stressed.

  17. My dog gets stressed whenever my 30 year old son is away for longer than a day yet she doesn’t bat an eyelid on bonfire night enjoying instead to watch the fireworks with us

  18. Yes, when there is someone they are unsure of in the house. Loud noises and fireworks and especially visits to the vets

  19. The not knowing, pets don’t know what loud bangs are, why people are upset, and why surrounding have changed etc, must be quite horrible for them when you think about it

  20. I have a Labrador, a beagle and a springer spaniel. Nothing much phases the lab but the other two get stressed. Cherry the beagle gets stressed because she was recently rescued from a puppy farm and everything is new and scary to her. Henry my 14 year old spaniel is completely deaf and going blind, he gets severe separation anxiety (as a result of being abandoned in a house for several weeks before he was rescued) and he gets stressed if he loses track of us in the house. I’ve trained my Labrador (who’s my assistance dog) to fetch Henry if he gets lost or disoriented within the house though, so this helps.

  21. They definitely do get stressed – what causes it will very much depend on the individual dog, much like us I suppose! Some cope much better than others and nothing really seems to stress them, whereas others don’t seem to be able to cope with much in life and almost everything seems to stress them! (and of course everything in between)

  22. I wish I knew what stressed him. As soon as we go to bed he trots up and down the hall. Sends me potty. If we let him in the bedroom he lies down then gets up – repeat throughout the night.

  23. mine do

    leocat our bengal gets stressed if things are moved or we have a lot of clutter an he shows his stress by attacking the other cats and weeing!

    jac the dog gets stressed by fireworks, andany kind of loud work going on outside so if the enighbours are hammering or there is road works – you can tell hes stressed because he barks, shakes and sometimes gets a bit snappy

  24. Mine get separation anxiety when they are separated from each other! So any trips to the vets has to be together…awww

  25. We have a rescue who was abused and attacked by other dogs. She gets stressed by new situations. Over the past year we have very slowly been introducing her to new things. Doing it slowly with lots of praise keeps her calm xx

  26. My shitzu gets very stressed meeting new people and dogs. To keep her calm we just walk her away from any situation that makes her stressed.

  27. Big changes cause stress. For example moving house. We made sure that her things, bed, favourite toy ect did not get packed up but came with us so they were there the first night.

  28. We rescued a dog that was so scared she would wee constantly. We started using adaptil plug ins and a thunder shirt. They work brilliantly.

  29. I have 2 dogs, one a rescue that has come on leaps and bounds and the other a shitzu who is very I tune with peoples emotions. If anyone argues he gets very stressed and hides in his bed. If you cough or sneeze he runs away. If you are sick he paces and brings you toys. We just give him lots if love to calm him

  30. Yes defo, I think ,loud noises and anything out of the ordinary, anything they are not used to…..pretty much like the rest of us 🙂 xx

  31. I think that all pets feel the way you do if your happy then they are happy, if your stressed then they are stressed and so on

  32. yes i feel that all pets do like when you go out and leave them in doors they proberly think are you every coming back ? loud noises my dog doesn’t like and if your happy they are happy xx

  33. Gosh, yes, they do get stressed. Loud noises, unfamiliar sights and smells and additions to the household will normally do it.

  34. Yeah pets get stressed; loud noises, unpredictable behaviour, separation anxiety are some common causes. My dog doesn’t like things in the sky above her garden! Fireworks cos of the noise but she’ll bark at birds, planes, balloons & even stars!

  35. my dog does and our son is the only person who can calm her they are both same age and best friends they are always together he sleeps in the dogs bed with her some times

  36. Definatley. dogs get stressed moving homes, being pushed out and also they cant exactly tell us when anything is wrong so that’s got to be very stressful aswell.

  37. Lots of things like being left alone, fireworks and work going on nearby. My dog hates workmen with ladders, he gets really stressed. He’s a rescue dog so I always wonder where he came from and what had happened to him.

  38. Definitely as they can hear I believe 7X more than us so noises scare them especially on bonfire night. My chug Arthur can hear people coming home half an hour before it’s essential to keep them calm and comfort them xx

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