A Health and Fitness Update with the Polar Loop 2

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I wrote back in December about how Dave and I were starting on a new healthy lifestyle. It would have been easy to wait until after Christmas but with us eating the wrong things, not exercising much and getting unhealthier by the minute we decided to stop and take action, rather than delaying it by another few weeks.

It’s now been over three months since we started that healthier lifestyle and I thought it best to give an update. Since then, both Dave and I have been using the MyFitnessPal app to track what we are eating and get our food choices back under control. This, for Dave more than anything, was eye opening. When we looked at how many calories we should be eating per day, how many we were actually eating and how many we had to start eating to actually lose weight it was a bit of a shock but now, three months on, and we both know the right things to eat.

A Health and Fitness Update with the Polar Loop 2

We have also realised that a lot of our bad food choices stem from laziness, convenience or temptation. It’s easy to eat food when it’s there – so we have limited the snacks that are around at home. We also plan meals – even lunches – so that we always have something to eat that’s part of a good food choice as often it would be easy to grab something unhealthy for lunch at work and we want to minimise the occasions when this will happen.

Both Dave and I had a set back as far as diet is concerned whilst we were on holiday in Scotland but that really is what holidays are for. Even with our setback both Dave and I weigh less than when we started this healthier lifestyle.

To monitor our activity, and how much exercise we have been getting, we have both been using Polar Loop 2 Activity Trackers. These have fitted seamlessly into our lifestyle and really help both of us move more. We are walking LP to school more often than taking the car and we both find that we are looking for ways to incorporate extra steps into a typical day. In all honesty we don’t often reach the 10k steps daily goal but we do a lot more than we used to. The Polar Loop 2 has really made us take stock of how much we move – and how little we moved before and it gives us a nudge when we have been sitting still too long – we definitely wouldn’t have exercised as much without the Loop 2 on our wrists!

A Health and Fitness Update with the Polar Loop 2

We have spent the last three months building healthier foundations which are now pretty rigid in our daily lives. We eat better, plan meals and move a lot more. The brighter days are making us think more about getting outside, as a family, and being more active together.

Life now is about being healthier and the next few months are also about continuing to lose weight but the main emphasis is definitely on our overall health. It’s so much easier to be healthier when you make the decision as a family or as a couple and it has been so motivating to have Dave on this health kick with me – and I know that it’s here to stay. I’ll update you in a few months with how we are getting on.

A Health and Fitness Update with the Polar Loop 2

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  • Health and fitness are the hardest but the best choices to make. I have been on that journey more than once. And as I write im thinking about what is the best route for me to take to combat the additional pounds I have discovered. Lunch is under prep as we speak. Exercise is generally not an issue due to my love of running. Bit even that has taken a back seat. But, race entered and so a new goal to aim for.

  • It is so easy to get into lazy habits with both your eating and health. I have been toying with the idea of getting a tracker. Whilst I swim 3 times a week, I really need to look at increasing my steps. I agree that it is so important to plan meals. We always plan dinner but never thought to plan lunch too x

  • I totally agree that it is much easier to motivate yourselves to be healthier when you do it as a couple. Pre-accident hubby and I used to enter triathlons or half-marathons together. The motivation to train was to beat each other. It was the best motivator ever, I’m struggling on my own.x

  • It’s so true, it really helps when there’s someone doing it along with you. My OH doesn’t struggle with weight or fitness because his whole job is physical but he doesn’t actually eat that well. A lot of high fat (I dread to think what his cholesterol’s like), lots of meat and probably not enough fruit and definitely not enough water. I’m on a diet and doing well, and getting back to dancing has helped on the fitness side, but I don’t get any support or comments about progress from him. But I’ve had a lot of support from work friends, random colleagues who say how well I look, and even my brother said something. So knowing there is someone supporting is always good.

    Hope you guys achieve what you want to and are able to keep it up. There’s one bonus of being more healthy, when LP comes back from school making comments about exercising, eating healthily etc, you don’t need to be embarrassed because she won’t be able to point out the bad stuff! N’s always going on about ‘I’m just going to do my exercise’ then running up and down the room. Not sure where he’s got that from – must make sure I tell him that exercise is good for all the reasons and not just to stop getting fat which is what he’s been saying.