Have you ever thought about being a Foster Carer? (Surrey)

Foster Care is something that a lot of people think about doing but don’t think that they’ll be able to, will be good enough or just don’t get around to looking into it. I know it’s something that has definitely crossed my mind from time to time as something I would like to do in the future.

At the moment 20% of foster children in Surrey have to be homed outside of the borough as there aren’t enough foster carers in Surrey to care for them all. The ‘eligibility’ for being a foster carer isn’t as stringent as it once was – For example, you can foster if you’re aged 21-70, single, gay, don’t work, or have a flexible job and so if you have a spare room and want to help children then foster care could be for you!

I grew up with Grandparents who fostered a stream of children and usually two or more at a time and my oldest Brother spent some time in foster care when we were growing up. It is definitely something that I feel a lot of people would love to do if given the opportunity.

Over the next few months Surrey County Council are holding Fostering Open Evenings to give you more information about what is involved and how to take the next steps on the road to becoming a foster carer, if it’s something you’ve ever considered or something that you’re now considering then definitely pop along!

Have you ever thought about being a Foster Carer? (Surrey)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I haven’t received anything in exchange for it. I just feel all children deserve a loving home and this is the sort of opportunity that should be shouted about!

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