Happy Places

Oooh I’ve never done this before! But I’ve been tagged, so will duly oblige!

One of my Twitter/Blogging chums, Mushypea, wants to know where my five Happy Places are! Only 5?! I have to say that my Happy Places have changed since having LP. If you’d asked me this a year ago I would have said –

  • 5:05pm on a Friday, in my car, listening to Scott Mills on Radio 1, driving home for the weekend away from work! That was my favourite time as I knew I had two whole days to be ‘me’, not work me – professional (those who know me will laugh at this), sensible, wearing a suit me. Nope, just me for the weekend!
  • At a Gig. I love concerts. Well, I did. Do I still? Not sure. The last gig I went to was Sandi Thom supported by the reformed Beautiful South at the O2 Academy in Islington. Dave and I were right at the front, I knew all the words and there were only about 200 people. Most ‘Intimate’ gig I’ve been to. This was in May 2010. November 2010 I got pregnant, moved house December 2010, had LP August 2011 and haven’t fitted in a gig since.
  • In the Bath. I used to love a nice relax in the bath. Have a soak, read a book, listen to music and properly relax. Since LP I haven’t really had a relaxing bath, a couple of quick baths, yes, and many showers, not a relaxing, just before bed bath.

Pre-LP seems such a long time ago, such a distant memory, that I can only think of 3 places! Life as we knew it has been completely replaced since LP came along, and I wouldn’t change what life has become.

My Happy Places would now be:

  • Our House. I love being at home generally. Even better if Dave’s there too. I love the homeliness of our house, with everything we could ever need ‘all under one roof’ 🙂
  • My Car. I love driving. When it’s just LP and I, with the radio on, singing along, driving wherever. I love that in a car you’re outside, but still inside! Can’t get rained on, can change the temperature, it’s so convenient and I love being in my car.
  • My Loft. I love our loft. I have never had a loft like it! It has a carpeted floor, wooden paneled walls and ceiling and eaves storage cupboards. There’s a skylight, ceiling light and plug sockets all accessed by a pull down ladder. This is where Santa leaves things that he buys during the year, where thrifty Donna stores presents for her ‘present box’ that she buys in sales/offers as they come up, and where the majority of LP’s nappy mountain is hiding! I have always been super organised and love climbing in the loft, having a rummage and sorting bits out. I can leave the world at the bottom of the loft hatch and just disappear for a while.
  • LP’s bedroom. LP’s room is such a nice room. It’s always felt ‘right’. When we bought the house there was already a mural on the wall of a lion, hippo and snake in a Jungle. We didn’t know we were pregnant at that point but knew that we would keep the mural indefinitely, as we loved it. We’ve built the room around this mural and I love nothing better than to sit in the rocking chair in her room, watching her play, feeding her, hugging her. I used to sit in her room when I was pregnant. It’s such a nice place to be.
Happy Places

In my PJ’s. I am happy anywhere in my PJs! Obviously not out of the house. But when LP’s in bed and I can sit on the sofa with a cup of tea and my PJs, or like today – have a lazy morning and not get dressed til Midday, I’m happy. I love my PJs!

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