Happiness is….

I’m taking inspiration from Yummy Mummy in Training’s Blog Every Day in August posts, but obviously not blogging them throughout August!

To me happiness is….

– Being around my two amazing children with Dave there too. Hearing LP say new words, seeing Little Mr smile. Just relaxing as a family, seeing LP do things that she has seen us do – washing hands, changing nappies on her toys, covering her Brother with a blanket or getting a coaster for her drink.

– Having no plans when Dave’s off work. It’s nice to just ‘be’ for a while, nothing to rush around for and not having to be anywhere at a certain time. It’s lovely to just exist.

– Clean bed sheets, freshly shaved legs and a clean pair of PJs. Heaven.

– An undisturbed bath for as long as you want it to be. Bubbles, a book and just a little bit of silence. Quiet time.

– A nice time with friends – sunshine, BBQ, drinks, minimal effort but a lovely time. Catching up and laughing. Good times with friends.

– Good food. Homemade plates of loveliness or big bowls of yummyness covered in custard. The way to my heart is through my tummy 🙂

I think I have found my happy place in life. With good family and friends the other happy things come quite naturally!

What is happiness to you?

Happiness is....

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