What happens when you stop breastfeeding?

Just over a week ago I stopped breastfeeding Little Man after over a year of breastfeeding. I, naively, thought that my body would automatically realise I had stopped breastfeeding and just… Go back to normal. I was wrong.

I kept producing milk and it felt like the first days of breastfeeding again – Engorged breasts that looked like Dolly Parton and felt like they would explode. I hand expressed to relieve the pressure but I didn’t want to express so much that it kept my supply going. The ‘exploding boobs’ and expressing lasted two days.

From day three I was very, very sore but there wasn’t that painful pressure and rock solid breasts that I’d had for the first two days. I am still sore over a week later but I can live with it. I do, however, need to wear a bra at all times otherwise I leak EVERYWHERE. Again, this is something that reminded me of the early days, leaking milk everywhere, wet patches on clothes, waking up in puddles. I didn’t expect to still be like this over a week since I last fed Little Man.

On top of this, my hormones are all over the place, I am still emotional about stopping breastfeeding and I am hoping that this will get easier when I eventually stop producing milk.

So there you have it. After a year of breastfeeding your body acts like you are starting your breastfeeding journey again – Dolly Parton boobs and leaking milk everywhere – Who’d have thought it?!

Right now I’m looking forward to my body calming down so that I can get fitted for a new bra – One with underwires and more support! How amazing will that be?! I have worn breastfeeding or maternity bras since the start of 2011. I cannot wait to get a bra that doesn’t have detachable cups and twenty different size options!

What happens when you stop breastfeeding?

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  1. Oh Donna! I hope you get back to “normal” soon and the Dolly P boobs, puddles of milk and pain go away quickly for you. You’re an amazing mummy to have successfully breastfeed two babies for over a year – well done xxx


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