Halloween and the Horrors of Children’s Tooth Decay | AD

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Every year children get dressed up for Halloween in their scariest of outfits and get ready to go out with the parents to Trick or Treat, knocking on doors and filling their little buckets and bags with sweets at every opportunity.

Children love Halloween and they love Trick or Treat – an American tradition that has definitely put down foundations in the UK. It’s something children count down to from the moment they go back to school in September and for days afterwards they spend every opportunity eating sweets and other treats that they were given when they knocked on all those doors.

When well supervised Trick or Treat can be like any other well loved pastime but it does have one other hidden peril – the danger of tooth decay! Here’s a great infographic that explains the horror of children’s tooth decay at Halloween – and the rest of the year!

Halloween and the Horrors of Children's Tooth Decay

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  • Mine try to tell me they’ve brushed their teeth, but I always check if the brushes are dry and catch them out 😉
    I had a horrendous dentist when I was a child who really messed with my teeth badly which took some fixing and some issuea with another bad dentist as an adult, so I’m really nervous about the dentist but try not to pass that on to the boys!
    Stevie xx