Graco Blox Pushchair Review

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Although Little Man is now two there is no sign of him being out of the pushchair for long period of time as he just gets tired too quickly. With this in mind I was pleased when Graco asked us if we’d like to review their new Graco Blox stroller.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
Graco Blox Pushchair out of the box

What is the Graco Blox Pushchair?

Graco Blox is a lightweight stroller with a compact fold and bursting with features. The box is arrived in was a lot smaller than other pushchairs we have owned in the past and it was simple to put together, taking just a matter of minutes. I was pleased to see that it came with both a raincover and footmuff.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
The Graco Blox Pushchair
Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
Our Graco Blox Pushchair

What were our first impressions of the Graco Blox Pushchair?

One thing I immediately loved about the Graco Blox is that it’s compatible with both the Junior Baby and Snugfix car seats. It’s hard to find a lightweight stroller than can also be made into a travel system and although I wouldn’t use a car seat on a stroller for a whole day out it’s a great option for a quick trip to the shops and definitely a worthwhile point to note.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
The Graco Blox Pushchair footrest

The Blox has four wheels with the front ones being lockable – and the locking mechanism is easy to operate. It pushes like a dream and is a lot lighter than other pushchairs I have used in the past. It’s easy to push one handed and the padded handlebar makes for comfortable pushing too.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
Out and about with the Graco Blox Pushchair

What is the Graco Blox Pushchair basket like?

The Graco stroller shopping basket is really big and something I love about this stroller. I can fit the raincover, a change bag and a lot of shopping in the basket with no problems at all and for me having a large shopping basket is a necessity on any pushchair.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
The Graco Blox Pushchair shopping basket

Were there any negatives with this pushchair?

One disappointment for me was the footmuff. the back section only goes slightly higher up than the bottom of the seat and even putting Little Man in the pushchair moves the footmuff out of position. If I manage to get him in the seat with the footmuff still in place it soon moves down from him wiggling and kicking.

I don’t know why the footmuff wasn’t designed to go the full length of the back of the seat as the weight of the child then holds the footmuff in place. As it stands we can’t use the footmuff on the pushchair and so will continue using it without. It’s a shame it’s so poorly designed.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
Comfy in the Graco Blox Pushchair

What is the raincover like?

The raincover fits well, is easy to put on and stays in place without any problems. It’s also compact enough to keep in the pushchair basket and is made of a durable plastic.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
Using the Graco Blox Pushchair

How does the pushchair fold?

Graco have a really good one handed fold that is present on the Blox and we have come to love. The fold is so familiar and so easy to use that it makes using Blox so much easier. If you’ve ever used a one handed fold Graco pushchair one thing you are bound to love is the fold. With Blox it also folds really compact to make it fit in most cars. This makes travelling on public transport so much easier too.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
Bright red Graco Blox Pushchair

Does the Graco Blox Pushchair recline?

The stroller seat has a multi position recline for your little one. This is operated with a toggle cord that you pull to recline and push up to straighten the back. I do prefer recline functions that are operated with a lever that clicks into place. With a toggle  you do have to work against the child’s weight to straighten the back of the Blox. Once you get used to this then it isn’t a problem and works fine.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
The Graco Blox Pushchair in recline position

The hood of the Blox gives a good amount of shade and the red colour pack is bright and vibrant. This makes the Blox an eye catching pushchair. Overall we have loved using the Blox and to us it feels really similar to the Graco Evo Mini. It’s just unfortunate that the footmuff is so disappointing. I felt this would have been a great improvement on the Evo Mini’s lack of footmuff.

Review: Graco Blox Pushchair
The Graco Blox Pushchair hood
Graco Blox
Exploring with the Graco Blox Pushchair

What were our overall thoughts of the Graco Blox Pushchair?

The Graco Blox is a great pushchair for day to day use. The option of attaching a car seat gives it great versatility. And it’s comfortable to use for both parent and child. The bonus of a huge shopping basket, lockable wheels and a really good raincover make it a great everyday option. If you’re looking for a great value stroller you should definitely consider Graco Blox.

Graco Blox has an RRP of ยฃ199.99

Graco Blox Pushchair Review


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  1. Great post Donna, lovely pushchair too, little man looks really comfy in there, I love the photo’s you took of it as well, looks like you are enjoying it. xx

  2. I love your reviews – always so in depth and honest! It’s a good price for this but like you I can’t see our girls being out the pushchair anytime soon! I often wonder if I should get a single for when I take just one of them out so will bear in mind X

    1. I really appreciated what you said at the weekend about trusting my reviews – I hope more people feel that way too. I try to write from the perspective of someone going to buy it and I hope it’s helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  3. Hi, your review is just fantastic. I’ve got one of them, just bought, and as this will be my first child, I’m not an expert in pushchairs and so on .. I’ve got a question, maybe you can give me some light. The info says “suitable from birth”, but will it be really good since my baby will be born? Hope you can give me your opinion. All the best!

    1. Hi Adriana, Thanks for your message. The seat until goes almost flat which should work with a newborn but it’s also compatible with some Graco car seats if you wanted to make it into a travel system ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. My problem with the Blox is that the strap that goes between the legs is not long enough for my 7-month old grandson, making it uncomfortable and difficult to buckle, as he has to be lifted up. Graco customer services have not been at all helpful; I’m now trying to find some way of extending the strap, also finding a padding to cover the strap to make it more comfortable. I agree that the foot muff is disappointing – he just kicks his legs out!
    If anyone can help with an extension to the strap I would love to hear from them. Thanks.

    1. Are you sure the strap is pulled through all the way? I find it strange that it doesn’t fit a 7 month old when was fine for my over two year old. Sometimes the straps have an extra buckle/fixing that needs to be pulled through or, has the strap been extended fully? Sorry, they are the only things I can think of.

  5. Thanks for your reply. The strap is machined down and can’t be pulled any further. The total length of the strap, fully extended, including the buckle is 21cm. Because of where the machine stitching is, he partly sits on the strap, which makes the buckle low down, nowhere near his waist. I have ordered (not from Graco) a padded thing for the crotch which will make him more comfortable. I’m also looking for some webbing, so that I can cut the existing webbing and stich in an extra bit – not easy!

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