Going Back to Work…?

I started maternity leave on 28th March 2013. That now seems like such a long time ago but seems so recent, both at the same time. 9 months have now passed and I have now reached the point where I have to discuss my return to work with my employers.

When I had LP and got to this point I knew exactly what was going to happen, I knew I was going back full time to my old job after my maternity leave finished. I ended up being off for 15 months with maternity leave and annual leave and then returned to my old job, with the same staff and same environment. It was such a smooth transition going back to work.

Going back this time is so much harder – I now have two different age children, both needing to be looked after. LP starts nursery school this year too and the logistics of home, place of work, nursery, childcare may end up being a huge headache – more so than when LP was with a childminder as there was only one of her and no half way through the day nursery pick ups to orchestrate either.

I’m not due back to work until the middle of May and know that I have at least 10 days of annual leave accrued to take after that as well but I like to get things sorted way in advance, I like to be organised.

Two things are definite though: Childcare is expensive. Childcare for two children is even more so. I know what I’d like to happen, I’ve worked out logistically what I can and can’t do as far as work is concerned and the implications of it all financially but I won’t talk about that on here until I’ve spoken to my work and had an agreement, or refusal – as the case may be. Watch this space though, I’ll be posting more about going back to work as and when the time comes.

Are you returning to work? Are you choosing to stay at home? I say ‘choosing’ loosely as I know for a lot of parents they cannot afford for both parents to work as the cost of childcare is just too high.

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  • It’s tough returning to work after having children. Even if you think logistically it’s all sorted, emotions can come along and throw everything to the wind. And then there’s the financial aspect to consider as well. As you say, for many their isn’t a choice to return to work. More needs to be done to make childcare affordable for those who need it, and the stigma around SAHM/Ds needs to be addressed. We should be free to choose how we want to balance work for our family shouldn’t we! Good luck with finding the balance x

  • I returned to work last week after 7 months off, the first day was emotional and tiring. Unfortunately I cannot afford to stay at home but for now the logistics are working. My partner is working part time for now so is my mother so between them they will mind L. Luckily they work for the same company who are very accommodating. I’ve managed to reduce my days at work to 4. However the OH goes full time soon as part of a training course so not too sure how its going to work, we can’t afford creche fees though that’s for sure, it’s roughly €50.00 per day per child here. Good luck with your impending return 🙂

  • I know for a lot of parents they cannot afford for both parents to work as the cost of childcare is just too high.

    This sounds crazy, but it’s so true. For some living is too expensive for one parent to stay at home, and for others childcare is too expensive for both to work…the situation is awful.