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There is a certain stigma attached to being a parent to young children. While many may credit you for all the hard work you do taking care of the kids, not as many will remember how good you may have been at your job or be willing to take a chance on hiring you back once you decide to return to work.

Now there is a nice subset of parents who go on to form their own businesses or make money from home by running a small business or even trade in currencies, which is great, but for many parents looking to go back into employment, they may have to fight the preconception that they are just a glorified temp who can only work school hours or another maternity case waiting to happen. But that isn’t saying that it is their only option.

We have already covered tips and tricks on how to make some extra money before, but for those of you who are looking to really make ends meet without having to face the job market again, making your money back on purchases or pawning your best jewellery may not be enough. So here are a few tips for working from home and earning enough to pay the bills.

  • While most mothers are thought of as ‘baby-brained’ and distracted, many have degrees and professional experience that would make them an asset at almost any job. For those who have a competent and relatively proficient grasp at English or a foreign language, there is always demand for paid reviews and writers on the web. Sites like Freelancer are a great place to start or check out this BBC article for some success stories and more tips.
  • If writing isn’t your thing but numbers are your strong point, the enigmatic ‘trading’ comes to mind. While many have prematurely overlooked this, there is an enormous amount of money to be made if you have the patience to review the trends and wait until the right time to hedge your bets. There are literally hundreds of sites to choose from and many offer you a demo account to test your skills before you dive in the deep end. Just be sure to set stop losses so you never lose what you can’t afford to.
  • Writing a blog can be easy, but running a successful website is not. If you are dedicated and hard-working however, some of the leading entrepreneur writers make thousands a month just by selecting a well-sought after niche and writing about it. Fashion bloggers and ‘mummy bloggers’ can also enjoy a great selection of opportunities once they get going with review products and paid campaigns. Companies like Google’s AdSense can also help load advertising on the site to generate revenue from visitors.

Remember however that this can take time to achieve and should be done as early as possible before your return date to give you a chance to reach the level you need it to before your time is up.

There are many more ways to boost your household income without having to go back to work but we thought we’d invite you to comment on others that you might have had some success with or are thinking of exploring. Please let us know and we’d be delighted to add it to the article so others’ can better equip themselves for their return to work too.

Going Back to Work and Making Ends Meet

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