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Changing up your skincare routine to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and adjusting to changes in your skin might feel natural to you and to a lot of women. But, as with many things in the beauty and self-care world, men have some catching up to do. If you want the guy in your life to take better care of his own skin, here are a few presents you can get, products you can recommend, and tips you can share to help him do that.

Getting Your Guy To Take Care Of His Skin

Wash his face properly

The vast majority of us wash our face at least once every day. Since he’s already doing it, it should be too hard to suggest that he improves that wash with some skin-cleansing goodness. A good facial cleanser (which you should choose based on his skin type) is going to make sure that the face’s protective barrier isn’t washed away every morning. Otherwise, it’s easy for the skin to dry out and breakout even after he thinks it’s nice and squeaky clean.

Make it part of the shaving routine 

The way in which a man shaves himself, especially his face, is going to determine a lot when it comes to the health of that skin. First, ensuring that he’s using shaving cream is vital as it not only softens up the hair but also prevents the razor from being too rough on the skin. Instead of regular after shave, after shave moisturiser is highly recommended as well. After it has been shaved and dried off, there’s a big risk of the skin drying out, which you want to ensure they fight.

Keep it moisturised

A lot of skincare is to make sure that our skin is moisturised. Drying it out can do a lot of damage to the skin cells, as well as leave them more susceptible to things like UV damage, rashes, bacteria, and so on. It doesn’t take a lot to make sure one’s skin is fully hydrated, usually, just a pea-sized drop of a decent men’s moisturiser should do the trick. Of course, staying hydrated during the day is going to ensure that they don’t dry out, in general, as well. Not too difficult to keep a little tube of moisturiser in the bathroom.

Minding the sun

It’s something that a lot of women have learned already, but it seems to surprise most men who hear it: they should be wearing some sun protection each and every day. Not just when it’s summer. The UV rays from the sun do constant damage to fair skin, which not only increases the chance of issues like skin cancer but also causes the skin to age much faster than it would on a regular basis. There are sunscreens that are designed for more regular use, that tend to also have some moisturising elements to them, so they don’t have the same cloying feel as the ones they might be used to.

There’s nothing gendered about making sure that one’s skin is healthy, hydrated, and protected. Try making some of the recommendations above to the man in your life.

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