Getting Healthier, Slimmer and Fitter with Fatkiller Club – Try for Free!

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I am always in search of a healthier lifestyle and systems that I can work into our already busy life to enable me to lose that last bit of weight, tone up and improve my overall health so when Fatkiller Club got in touch and introduced me to their new interactive online fitness game I just had to give it a go.

Getting Healthier, Slimmer and Fitter with Fatkiller Club - Try for Free!

When I started using Fatkiller Club I had no idea what to expect. I have used online exercise plans and online diet systems before so thought this would be similar but Fatkiller Club is so much more than just another diet or exercise routine. It started off as a challenge amongst friends but has grown to be a whole online community and an international fitness project.

I logged in, set up my profile and used the calorie counter to work out how many calories I should be having per day. It also showed how much protein, fat and carbohydrates I should be having – more on that later. There’s also an option to log and track your key measurements so you can see your body changing as you follow the program.

Getting Healthier, Slimmer and Fitter with Fatkiller Club - Try for Free!

I then got stuck into the Fatkiller Club season, working my way through the information, tasks and challenges. One of the first tasks is to take before photos of yourself and upload them. These can only be seen by Fatkiller Club and not the wider community and gives you a set starting point – being able to clearly see how far you have come since you joined Fatkiller Club.

Getting Healthier, Slimmer and Fitter with Fatkiller Club - Try for Free!

I was then introduced to the Fatkiller Club system of exercise and diet. But it didn’t just tell me what to eat but explained why you should be eating certain things. There were also meal plans and a shopping list to make a healthier diet as stressfree and simple as possible. I can tell that Fatkiller Club is all about changing mindset and really changing your lifestyle than about simply just following instructions. But, Fatkiller Club gives you all the tools you need to be make informed healthier choices in all aspects of your life.

Fatkiller Club centres around a game – a game which helps you to be motivated and instils friendly competition between the Fatkiller Club members. The game consists of tasks each day and a bigger assignment once a week. Once you’ve completed a task you add details online and get a response from Fatkiller Club usually within 24 hours. It’s a really simple system that works well. Every task also has a discussion option so members can chat about the task, how they’re getting on or anything else to do with their new healthier lifestyle.

The best thing for me about Fatkiller Club is all the information that it gives – with examples and illustrations. The meal plans all revolve around FPCs – Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates – but instead of just saying that and moving on Fatkiller Club goes into detail about the types of FPCs you should be eating, why they are better for you and why other FPCs aren’t as good – and could be detrimental to your Fatkiller Club journey.

Getting Healthier, Slimmer and Fitter with Fatkiller Club - Try for Free!

A large part of Fatkiller Club is about exercise and it gives workout sessions – with different rounds of specific exercises and rest breaks. But, instead of just telling you what exercise to do there are YouTube videos and information on how to complete the exercises safely. The exercises are varied and things that you can do at home – Fatkiller Club makes sure that the exercise shouldn’t cost anything – accept maybe a yoga mat and exercise clothes. They even give tips on how to fit an hour of exercise into your day – perfect for someone like me who never feels like they have enough time for anything.

Each day of Fatkiller Club has a handy checklist to complete – with exercise, tasks and a diet diary. It’s simple, doesn’t take long to complete and can fit around work, children and other commitments. Fatkiller Club has really changed the way I think about things – it has taught me healthier food options, a new range of exercises for a full body workout at home and has made my continual search for a healthier lifestyle not just achievable but fun.

Getting Healthier, Slimmer and Fitter with Fatkiller Club - Try for Free!

The tasks range from giving up sugar – and sharing it on social media to writing down goals and acknowledging anything that may stop you from reaching those goals – to then enable you to get past them. Fatkiller Club is refreshing and something different to any health or diet related program I have seen in the past. I can’t wait to work my way through more of the tasks and learn more as the weeks go by.

Fat Killer Club are hosting a free week from 19th March that you can all take advantage of. After that, I have teamed up with Fatkiller Club to offer readers a 25% discount on the full 4 week program using code redhead25 – go and try it for yourself!

Getting Healthier, Slimmer and Fitter with Fatkiller Club - Try for Free!



  1. March 13, 2017 / 6:03 pm

    This is interesting, I am currently trying to loose some weight, as after suffering. a stroke, many years ago, I have piled on the pounds, will definitely look into this

  2. March 13, 2017 / 10:00 pm

    Oh I like the idea of it being competitive, that’s the only thing that keeps me going with anything. I might actually lose some weight if it was a competition!

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