Garden Memories from my Childhood

*This post is written in collaboration with World Stores

As a child I spent what seemed like my whole life in the garden. I was always growing things, digging, searching for things in the shed or just laying on the grass with a book. I loved our garden, it was a labour of love for my parents with months spent building a wall, sieving soil, flattening the ground and then planting so much grass seed. But it looked fantastic when it was finished and I loved spending time out there.

Even as a very small child, when the garden was a mess, my brothers and I would love to play outside. We didn’t have much family, or friends really, so we spent most days as a family and loved each others company in the garden. The summer months were the best, paddling, running around in a swimsuit and coming in for dinner with mucky faces and dirty feet. Those days really were the best.


After my Dad sorted the garden out, when I was about nine or ten, it became a much nicer place to just relax, read a book or make tents. My that point my brothers had left home and so I spent most time in the garden with my parents – or the cat. She really was the best company and she would never stray far, choosing to lay on the grass with me or at the end of a sun lounger.


I remember spending so much time on our garden swing, swinging for hours all the way through my teenage years. It was a great place to think, relax and just pass the time. I’d sit there and read a book or just sit and let my mind wander. I loved that swing.


In our garden now the children have a swing and I imagine them sitting on it way into their teens too, swinging, listening to music, chatting, thinking. Our garden has been a labour of love too but not to the extent my parents’ garden was. It’s a lovely place for the children to play – especially when the sun is shining and they love to be outside.

The children have a playhouse, sand and water tables and so many other toys to use outside. It makes me think how different their garden memories will be to my own – where many days were spent playing hopscotch or making mud pies in an old saucepan. I loved my childhood and some of my favourite memories are from the simple garden days.

World Stores is creating a Garden Moments timeline to document changing gardens through the years from the 1960’s up to the 2000’s. I love to think that our basic garden of the mid to late 80’s and then our much loved garden of the 90’s could feature in that timeline – along with other garden memories from the years gone by.

What are your favourite garden moments from your childhood? Are they similar to the garden memories your children will have when they grow up?



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