G is for Ginger

I’ve written before about my hair colour – My response to Katie Hopkins views on ginger children and a blow by blow account of the bullying I endured because of my hair colour as a child.

Now, at nearly thirty, I love my hair colour. I love being different and I love that LP has inherited that same awesome ginger-ness. I know that LP will be proud of her hair colour and proud to be different – Being redhead is a big part of who we are and I love it – I’m sure LP will love it too but I hope it doesn’t take her until adulthood to fall in love with it.

G is for Ginger

I recently wrote on my Facebook page asking for ideas of what to call this blog when it has a rebrand in the not too distant future. Someone made this comment:

As a fellow redhead, please please nothing with the obnoxious term โ€˜gingerโ€˜ in it, Highly offensive to redheads (as you must agree) and should be banned completely as a word and only used to describe a spice or a type of beer!!

I replied with the following:

I’ve been thinking about how to reply all day. Thanks for your comment. I was bullied a lot at school for being ginger – I wrote about it  – and it’s something that will always affect me. However, I don’t see the term ‘ginger’ as being obnoxious or derogatory necessarily – to me it’s the same as blonde or brunette and I only take it as  a negative when someone makes it sound negative. I refer to myself as a redhead BUT my hair is ginger – it’s not ‘red’. My daughter is also ginger and a redhead. I am proud to be ginger and toyed with ginger blog names but none worked. I will never let the people that put me down for being ginger stop me from using the term and being proud of it, it’s something we should embrace, it’s a hair colour, it’s rare, it’s beautiful – It’s ginger!

This week’s A to Z of Family celebrates our beautiful hair colour, something that has taken me on paths that have moulded who I am, that have given me the determination to succeed and something that makes LP and I who we are.

G is for Ginger.

G is for Ginger

10 thoughts on “G is for Ginger”

  1. To quote Tim Minchin “only a ginger can call another ginger ginger”! I think your hair colour is awesome, whatever you choose to call it. I’m not even a redhead but I’ve been dying my hair ginger for years, that’s how cool I think it is!

  2. We have lots of redheads in my other half’s side of the family – none of who mind being called ginger – in fact I’m sure they would call themselves that. My youngest daughter did ask her cousin the other day why his hair is orange which he thought was hilarious! I love red hair myself and always wanted to be a redhead as a child ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’ve not got ginger hair (naturally – though it’s slowly getting there with hair dye) but I do love it – always have. I think it’s beautiful.
    I’ve never got this ‘ginger’ issue.
    With my colouring and green eyes, I reckon I would have rocked naturally red hair, as it is, I ended up a boring mid-brown. I WANT YOUR HAIR!!
    I hope that the morons who bullied you look at your photograph and eat their hearts out with envy because you my dear, are beautiful. x

  4. I love your hair, unfortunately kids will always find something to pick on, I’d hope things were different these days as we live in a far more multi cultural society than that of my childhood, and that different is actually celebrated – but I’m probably delusional. I got bullied when we moved from Surrey to Oxfordshire for being ‘posh’ – kids are just cruel. Be proud of who you are x

  5. Absolutely loved this. I’m a fellow ginger or redhead, however people want to say it…i personally like Arabian Sunset!! My daughter is more blonde at the moment, but it seems to be warming up. The first question I asked my husband when she was born was not “is she ok?’ ‘Is she a girl?’…it was ‘Is she ginger?’ I desperately wanted a ginger baby, as my mum is and I am and I would love M to be too!!
    I was bullied at school for it, as well as wearing glasses and being in the music club too..really had nothing going for me.
    I really hope in years to come its not looked down upon and people just get on with it. Its a hair colour at the end of the day!
    So pleased I found your blog. Can’t wait to read more!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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