Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

When I went to Britmums Live this year I was introduced to My Friend Freddy Bear, an interactive teddy friend for young children. With a suggested age of 2+ I thought he would be a great pal for both LP and Little Man and so when I was asked to review My Friend Freddy Bear I couldn’t wait for him to arrive.

Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

My Friend Freddy is really easy to set up by installing batteries – unfortunately not supplied – and then linking him via bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and the My Friend Freddy Bear app. You then create a profile for your child and that’s it – ready to play with My Friend Freddy Bear!

Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

The My Friend Freddy Bear app lets Freddy Bear read stories to your child, play games with his help and encouragement or talk about friends and family from the album you can create. LP wasn’t really interested in Freddy Bear reading stories to her but she loved playing games with him – especially as his mouth moves when he speaks!

The three games on the My Friend Freddy Bear app are a Fish Bowls game where you move different coloured fish from one bowl to another, Sea Puzzles where you put together pictures of sea creatures and learn about them too and finally Animal Zoo where you have to select the correct animal and again learn about the different zoo animals.

Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

Throughout the games Freddy tells you what to do and then he’ll say well done, ask if you want to play again and generally comment on the game. LP almost immediately started answering Freddy Bear and so he would ask if she wanted to play again and she’d say yes whilst pressing the play again button – watching them interact was very cute! Freddy Bear also knows when LP has put him on his back or turned him upside down, telling her to turn him around. It’s so innovative that I’ve found myself engrossed in talking to Freddy too!

The thing I love about My Friend Freddy Bear is that there are different levels of difficulty so that it can grow with your child. It also has volume controls and different language settings which make it a really versatile toy. I would have liked the option to switch between children on the app so that both LP and Little Man could play but other than overwriting the child’s information there doesn’t seem to be an option to just change user but I guess My Friend Freddy Bear is meant to be a best friend for just one child.

Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

LP adores Freddy Bear. She loves that he talks to her, plays with her and teaches her things. Sometimes we’re not able to play with LP – if we’re cooking dinner or something – and it’s nice that she has a cuddly friend that can play games with her at those times. Little Man loves Freddy Bear too and has already said he’d like his own one.

My Friend Freddy Bear is the sort of toy both adults and children love. The kids love how cute and friendly he is, that he’ll play with them and talk to them but I love that he’s educational and that he encourages the children to try again when playing a game and not to just give up. I can imagine Freddy Bear being on a lot of Christmas lists this year – and rightly so.

My Friend Freddy Bear has an RRP of £39.99

Review: My Friend Freddy Bear

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.



  1. August 9, 2015 / 10:21 pm

    I seen him at Britmums too and thought that he would be great for my toddler either this christmas or next. She looks like she adores him , such cute photos xx

  2. Cat Culmer
    August 10, 2015 / 9:11 pm

    Ahh this looks fab. Eli loves his Scout and this looks similar. It’s also very Teddy Ruxpin-esque isn’t it?!

    Cat x

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