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Most people in their lives go through stages of wanting to lose weight, reduce the fat in their bodies and be healthier. They go on diets, strive for a healthy lifestyle and increase the amount of exercise they do. But what do you do when it’s just not working?
Have you been trying to eat healthy, and maintain regular exercise but not seeing results? Did you know it is now possible to freeze away unwanted fat from your face and body?

Most of us have stubborn fat that we just can’t seem to shift.  No matter how healthily we eat or how much we slave away at the gym, some areas of body fat just seems to stay.  It is now possible to freeze away this fat that just doesn’t seem to budge any other way! It’s a non surgical, pain free, needle free treatment with fast results.  It’s FDA cleared, safe and effective.

It’s still vital to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating the healthiest foods possible most of the time and exercising for all its benefits, not just for losing fat. But sometimes we need an extra helping hand.  Freezing fat away is a non-surgical way to start getting the results you desire.  Its effectiveness will of course be different for everyone, but it’s a suitable treatment for these areas:

  • Chin
  • Bra Fat
  • Back Fat
  • Abdomen
  • Tights
  • Arms
  • Banana Roll (Under the buttock)
  • Flanks

Coolsculpting is suitable for both men and women using state of the art technology and the treated fat cells are gone for good.

Where can I get the Coolsculpting procedure done?

Pulse Light Clinic near Bank or Oxford Street.

How much does it cost?

Treatments start at £900, but 0% finance is available with affordable monthly payments from £80. You can learn more about the treatment and book a free consultation and transformation plan here

How does it work?

See more information here:


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