Floor Angels {The Ordinary Moments}

Lovely Katie over at Mummy Daddy Me is on holiday at the moment so has asked me to host The Ordinary Moments for her this week. If you want to share a lovely little bit of ordinary then please do link up at the end of the post.

LP always loves to find something new to do and one of her favourite places to be is in the kitchen. Her latest thing to do is to make angels on the kitchen floor.

This started with LP laying on the floor watching me prepare Sunday lunch. She was twirling her arms and legs around and I asked if she was making snow angels. She didn’t have a clue what I was talking about so I stood in front of her and stretched my arms out above me, moving them in a circle down to my sides to show her how you make wings in the snow – but without the snow.

From then on LP has lay on the floor at every opportunity and made wings with her arms. She finds it funny, exciting and new and loves to do it. We love to watch as it’s quite funny to see her flapping her arms about on the floor! Whatever will she think of next?!

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