My First Week on Weight Watchers Simple Start

I’ve now been following Weight Watchers Simple Start program for a week and have another week to go. This week, doing Simple Start, I’ve been eating exactly what I like from a list of filling and healthy foods. We haven’t gone hungry at all but we have had to change our eating habits – brown spaghetti, brown rice and brown pasta were very new to us! On top of that Dave and I have eaten 5kg of potatoes in a week and I’ve got through more tins of baked beans than I knew possible!

I went to weigh in today and wasn’t expecting much of a loss – who can eat as many potatoes as they like every day and still lose weight?! I really wasn’t hoping for much. We’ve also had 2 treats a day – just small things like a little bit of chocolate, small glass of wine or a little bit of cheese. I hoped that I’d lost weight as the new Simple Start was filling but not the most exciting of food plans – I have really been missing simple things like butter, cheese, crisps, biscuits!

Well, I wasn’t disappointed.

I lost 5.5lb!

This is the most I have ever lost in my history of being on Weight Watchers and to say I’m ‘chuffed’ is an understatement. I feel like a miracle has been worked! I have basically lost the whole of my Christmas weight gain in one week and although another week of Simple Start will be hard work because of the lack of luxuries it will definitely be worth doing it to keep my filling and healthy focus and give my weight loss a little extra boost!

So this week I will be counting Weight Watchers points, following the simply filling technique and eating from the power foods list, using the Simple Start book and keeping my diet fat free.

Starting 2014 weight: 11st 6.5lb

Weight Change This Week: -5.5lb

Today’s Weight: 11st 1lb

Total Weight Left To Lose: 5lb to get to WW goal, 15lb to get to Personal goal

Gold Weight Watchers Weight: 10st 10lb

My Personal Goal Weight: 10st

My First Week on Weight Watchers Simple Start

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