First Missed Baby Bedtime and Hen Do

So, yesterday I was on a Hen Do. It was meant to be a traditional hen do but turned into a girly day out and a nice meal in a restaurant.

I fed LP before I left in the morning and made sure Daddy had instructions on everything LP needed through the day, food etc and then I left for the Hen Do.

There were five of us including the hen and we went to Denbies Wine Estate for a tour of the vineyard and wine tasting. The weather was amazing – the sun was shining and it was incredibly hot! The wine was lovely, the tour of the vineyard by train was great and the views over the Surrey hills were incredible! It was a really nice morning.

We then went to Fanny’s Farm for cream tea! We originally wanted to make use of their tree house but it was fully booked when we enquired about it a few months ago, but we decided to go anyway and have cream tea in the gardens. With the weather being as nice as it was it would have been a shame to have been in the tree house, I was glad to have a relax in the gardens.

We spent a good couple of hours just sitting in the gardens, drinking tea, eating scones and chatting. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and the time flew by. Fanny’s Farm was a great quirky setting too with mismatched crockery, bunting, historic farming bits and bobs dotted around with amusing signage and two old but loveable dogs who lay at our feet whilst they sunbathed!

From there we drove down to the Mayfield Lavender Fields. This was such a stunning place! With free entry, free parking and a tea room it’s a great setting for a day out, picnic and a lounge around. We took a lot of photos, lay on the grass and relaxed. It was a lovely end to the afternoon.

From there we drove back to one of the girl’s houses to get ready for the evening. I took the opportunity to ring Daddy to say goodnight to LP and Daddy assured me that they were both having a lovely day and it was all going smoothly.

We then went into town to Zizzi for dinner. I had a couple of glasses of wine and far too much food – Risotto Balls, Lasagne, Garlic Bread and Chocolate Fondant! Yummy! It was a nice evening.

It was strange to be free of ‘LP Responsibility’ for an evening, to be able to drink and not to need to be back for a certain time. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t want to do it every week, not even once a month! I love LP’s company, and I love watching a movie with Dave whilst she sleeps upstairs. I love us all being together. But I now realise that occasionally it will be nice to not have that responsibility for an evening, for someone else to take control and be in charge for the evening and to have a drink or two!

I’m not ready yet for LP to be left with anyone other than Dave at night time. We, as a couple, are happy not going out and are happy having date nights at home. In time, as LP gets more independent it will be nice for Dave and I to go out more often, but for the foreseeable future  I can’t imagine LP being put to bed by anyone other than Dave or I.

First Missed Baby Bedtime and Hen Do

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