Finishing off your Children’s Meals {The Ordinary Moments}

It’s a common ‘fact’ that parents tend to finish off their children’s leftovers rather than throw them in the bin – the last fish finger, mini sausage, chicken dipper – waste not, want not and we eat it. I’ve been known on occasion to eat a leftover cold fish finger, finish off her pasta bake or eat the leftover meat from a stew. I hate waste and as I still cook the same amount, just share it 3 ways, I’m not actually eating any more than I was before LP came along.

The problem I now have is that once food is on LP’s plate it is hers. Even if she decides she doesn’t want it then the food is still hers. At the end of a meal she will very decisively put her cutlery and any discarded food back on the plate, push the plate away and say “Done!” with clear conviction. At that point I can’t touch the food, as it’s hers. I can’t throw it in the bin let alone eat it because LP will shout and scream and cry. If I try and give the food back to LP she’ll not want it, I’ll then take it back again and she’ll have a complete meltdown – as it’s hers!

These altercations happen at every meal time. I try and put her leftover cereal in the bin, meltdown. I try and put her leftover lunch in the bin, meltdown. I try and put her leftover dinner in the bin, meltdown, try and finish it, meltdown.

Where LP’s food is concerned I cannot win at the moment!

There is now no worry of me putting on the pounds because I’ve been finishing off the kids’ dinners – LP makes sure that I only eat what’s on my plate!

Finishing off your Children's Meals {The Ordinary Moments}

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  • Exactly the same in our house. She says “mummy save it for later” and we have to wait until she’s out the room to scrape her plate to avoid a melt down. Or of course distract her so we can eat whatever nice things she might have left!

  • I get into trouble with Kitty for clearing her breakfast away – even though she’s been down from the table for 20 minutes and promised me she was all done – I think it must be a toddler thing!

  • Haha this made me chuckle although not funny for you! I am seriously struggling with Mads and food at the moment, in fact I might write a post about it to see if anyone can offer any advice. She is just completely refusing her dinner every night. Won’t touch even a bite and goes into meltdown if you try to attempt to make her try one. x