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Back in October we had our bathroom renovated. It was a process that had taken months of planning and one that we had been excited about for such a long time. When planning a new bathroom there are so many factors to consider which all take time and decisions – the suite, the positioning, tiles, heating and lighting.

Most people forget about lighting when planning a bathroom yet it can make or break a room. If you have lighting that’s too harsh in a bathroom it can completely change the feel of the room – and the same if it’s too dark or dull to see anything. A good bathroom has to have a nice ambience and that is mostly down to the lighting you choose.

There are many ways you can light a bathroom – with a single ceiling light, spotlights, side lights or even a chandelier for a more opulent effect. Whatever style bathroom you have you are guaranteed that there will be perfect lighting for you somewhere. I remember as a child having a solitary strip light in the bathroom but since then the world of lighting has come so far and we now have so many lighting options at our disposal for every room in the house – including the bathroom. Lampcommerce have some great example of the lighting styles that are now available.

A modern bathroom may benefit from streamlined lighting. This could be recessed spotlights in the ceiling, maybe with a dimmer switch. You could add accents of light with an illuminated bathroom cabinet which could give great light for doing make up or just cleaning your teeth.

Finding the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

A more traditional bathroom could suit a single ceiling light, with a fancy but easy to clean shade. You could have candles to enhance the room and give a good atmosphere, especially when having a bath! Traditional bathrooms really lend themselves well to warmer lights – a soft glow rather than a harsh stream of light.

The positioning of lights is important too. You could choose to have spotlights evenly spaced across the ceiling or sidelights to add interest to part of the room but ones you can angle depending on how you are using the bathroom at that time.  You could also have one or more pendant lights, a cluster of lights or a combination of lights to really make the room your own. Axo Light have many designs that would work well in bathrooms as well as the rest of the house.

When renovating our bathroom we went for a traditional bathroom with a modern twist. We thought it would fit our period house well but also give it a bit of a lift into the current time. We used to have a single ceiling light but chose to replace it with spot lights, evenly spaced across the ceiling to give an even light to the room.

But as the room was still traditional I wanted the choice of not such a harsh light and so we chose an illuminated bathroom cabinet as well. I picked the one with the fewest lights and least modern appearance in the hope it would help to merge the traditional and modern aspects of the room. We now use the lights from the cabinet when having a bath or during the night when we don’t want to overwhelming light of the spotlights to flood the whole house.

Finding the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

Lastly, we use our windowsill for candles. For me, no bathroom is complete without the flickering warmth of candlelight and sometimes a relaxing bath just isn’t the same without candles in the corner. Our bathroom lights work well together and we have different lighting options depending on how we are using the bathroom. It is without a doubt my favourite room in the house – and one that has been a long work in progress!

Finding the Perfect Bathroom Lighting


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