F&F School Uniform – Top of the Class!

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Did you see This Morning yesterday on ITV? I have always loved how This Morning talk about things that are important to my family and I – from current affairs to food and fashion. Well, yesterday This Morning had school uniform under the spotlight in a tried and tested piece to see which of four uniform ranges would fair best when the new term starts.

F&F School Uniform - Top of the Class!

This Morning, with the help of four children, put school uniform from F&F at Tesco, George at Asda, Nutmeg at Morrison’s and Tu at Sainsbury’s to the test. Each item was washed thirty times at 30 degrees, there was a stain test on all shirts using paint, grass and ketchup and a comfort test judged by the four children as well as a general playtime activity. The whole process was used to recreate the new school year – how worn a uniform would get, the activities is would be worn during and the stains it would come up against – as well as how it would look after regular washing.

F&F School Uniform - Top of the Class! F&F School Uniform - Top of the Class!
It was no surprise to us that F&F’s fantastic range of school uniform, showcased throughout this post, came out top with an outstanding score of 9/10. The This Morning presenters commented that the uniform was very slightly more expensive than the other brands but you are without a doubt paying for the top quality – with colours that don’t fade, seams that don’t fray and trousers that even have reinforced knees!

The other uniform brands scored 7 or 8 out of ten and having now experienced school uniform for ourselves over the last year we have come to love the F&F range from Tesco. It’s affordable, great value and just so easy to buy when you’re doing your weekly shop – but you can order it online too!

F&F School Uniform - Top of the Class! F&F School Uniform - Top of the Class!
With the new school year around the corner there are so many uniform brands advertising their ranges but you cannot beat a comparative review like the one on This Morning that includes the opinions of children wearing the uniform too. If you still have school uniform to buy then you can’t go wrong with F&F – 9/10 is definitely a score to be proud of!

F&F School Uniform - Top of the Class!


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