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I’m lucky that I have never had any need to really know about my own fertility or monitor it in any way but I know I am in the minority and many people find fertility tracking gives them reassurance when they’re trying to conceive.

Natural Cycles is a hormone-free fertility app that is completely tailored to you. It carefully studies your body temperature to find your ovulation day and fertility, showing you the window of time each month that you are most fertile, allowing you to make the most of that opportunity – and increasing your chances of conceiving.

Fertility Tracking Made Easy with Natural Cycles #HappyPregnancy

But, Natural Cycles doesn’t just tell you when you are fertile but can also tell you when you are ovulating, when your next period is due, when you’re pregnant and about the progress of your pregnancy. It’s an app you can use each and every month before and during pregnancy.

When using Natural Cycles you simply take your temperature each morning before getting out of bed and add it to the app. Your temperature is actually a great indirect measure of your body’s natural hormones and can indicate ovulation which is why fertility tracking can be so useful.

From your temperature Natural Cycles uses an algorithm that quickly learns your body’s cycle and accurately detects and predicts ovulation and from that your fertile window. Natural Cycles is in partnership with leading experts in the field of contraception and fertility and together they perform research and improve women’s health.

So, with Natural Cycles you can be sure you’re getting a product that really works with your health and fertility at the core of everything it does. If you are planning on starting a family or looking to expand your existing family then Natural Cycles could be just the thing to help you along, and they’re so confident that the app will work that they’re offering women in the UK a refund if they don’t conceive in the first 9 months of using the app as well as 50% off a yearly subscription by visiting their website and inputting this code RedNC – valid until 31st December 2016.

What are your thoughts? Do you think an app could help you to conceive? Have you had any experience of fertility tracking in the past? If so, did it work for you and do you think Natural Cycles could be a good alternative to traditional fertility monitoring?

Fertility Tracking Made Easy with Natural Cycles #HappyPregnancy


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  1. It’s a great idea if it can help make it easier for people to conceive, it must be heartbreaking when you’re desperate for children and really struggling to conceive.

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