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Today is World Book Day and as a family we love to read. The children have shelves of books in their rooms and there are other books dotted around the house – as well as the books the children bring home from school.

Happy Beds have conducted research to find the Internet’s Favourite Bedtime Book and they asked us to share some of our favourite children’s books too. I grew up reading Roald Dahl books and they were always my favourites, with Quentin Blake illustrations and stories that really sparked my imagination.

But LP and Little Man aren’t quite at the Roald Dahl stage yet so instead they love anything by Julia Donaldson or a series where they can get to know the characters and see their adventures unfold from book to book.

Our Favourite Children's Books #HappyBedsBookDay

LP and Little Man love the Mr Men and Little Miss books. They have a boxed set of the books in each of their rooms and they are just the right size for bedtime stories – with illustrations on each page and characters that make them laugh so hard.

Our Favourite Children's Books #HappyBedsBookDay

Little Man also has a box of Thomas the Tank Engine books and as much as he loves reading them – Thomas is his favourite thing in the world – he prefers to read his Daddy’s old Thomas books from when he was a child. Ladybird books that have seen better days but have been enjoyed for literally generations.

Our Favourite Children's Books #HappyBedsBookDay

Their favourite Julia Donaldson books aren’t the ones you think of first like The Gruffalo or The Stick Man. Instead they love A Squash and a Squeeze, The Smartest Giant in Town and Tiddler. They love the rhymes, the Axel Scheffler illustrations and after years of reading them they know all the words.

Our Favourite Children's Books #HappyBedsBookDay

They also really enjoy the Large Family books with Five Minutes Peace being a real favourite. The characters are cute and lovable, the illustrations are beautiful and they all depict family life so well. The children always find the books so funny!

Barry the Fish with Fingers always amuses the children too – giggling about how they didn’t know fish had fingers and wondering if that’s actually where fish fingers come from. It’s always a winner for a bit of bedtime hilarity.

Our Favourite Children's Books #HappyBedsBookDay

The children flit from book to book as far as favourites are concerned, loving a new book each week. But there are some that I know they’ll love forever – Dear Zoo, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and Elmer will always be favourites.

I hope the children keep this love of reading with them as they grow, that they always enjoy books as much as they have done so far and that their imaginations continue to grow as the years go by. We love reading all year round but World Book Day is a great excuse to celebrate this love of books and share some of our favourites. If you’re looking for more reading inspiration, 10 familiar faces share their favourite bedtime books over on the Happy beds website.

What books do your children love to read?

Our Favourite Children's Books #HappyBedsBookDay

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