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A couple of months ago Rowntree’s got in touch to see if Dave and I would like to help them with a taste test. As Dave and I are partial to sweets, and feel like we know the current confectionary lines quite well, we agreed – we couldn’t wait to see what turned up for us to trial.

The idea of the taste test came about as Rowntree’s have been developing a brand new recipe and they wanted normal consumers to try the new sweets to see what they thought – if they could taste a difference and whether they liked the new recipe or not before they were released.

An Exciting Taste Test with Rowntree's #RowntreesTasteTest

When our sweets arrived I was expecting something different. A new sweet. But, we were sent what looked suspiciously like Fruit Pastilles and Randoms – so I presumed that these iconic sweets had been tweaked in some way rather than a whole new sweet being developed. This intrigued Dave and I even more!

We both tried the sweets, savouring each one and trying to work out what was new or different about them. But we couldn’t. The sweets were so lovely and fruity, sweet and full of flavour. They were just like the Fruit Pastilles and Randoms that we had come to know and love.

A few weeks later Rowntree’s sent us the new, packaged sweets and we couldn’t wait to dive in and see what had actually changed with the recipe. It turns out that the sweets we tried actually had 30% less sugar in them that the classic variety.

An Exciting Taste Test with Rowntree's #RowntreesTasteTest

The new versions of Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles and Randoms taste exactly the same to both myself and Dave so knowing that they have the same great flavour with less sugar is amazing – and definitely something that I will be buying in the future.

An Exciting Taste Test with Rowntree's #RowntreesTasteTest

Dave and I often buy sweets – to share in the evening, at the cinema or on a long car journey and knowing that we can have the same great Rowntree’s taste but with less sugar is definitely appealing. We wouldn’t eat more sweets because of it but, when we did choose to eat sweets we would be eating less sugar and have the same satisfaction. A win-win all round!

Have you tried the new Rowntree’s 30% Less Sugar varieties yet? If so, what did you think? If you haven’t tried them yet you can buy both Randoms and Fruit Pastilles in the new 30% Less Sugar version from Tesco for £1.24 per pack.

An Exciting Taste Test with Rowntree's #RowntreesTasteTest

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