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LP started walking at around 18 months and so we were quite late in getting her first pair of shoes but she has definitely made up for it since then – her feet obviously don’t stop growing but they don’t even seem to pause for a moment either!

LP’s feet were last measured in September and she was a size 6. Her shoes are now too small and she’s living in wellies until the weather improves or her wellies no longer fit! We’re in that in-between time in the seasons where the weather isn’t nice enough for summer shoes but it’s not cold and miserable enough to be wearing proper winter boots all the time. I feel a shopping trip coming on which will start at Clarks to get LP’s feet measured properly and will end in us buying at least one pair of teenie children’s shoes – not that teenie though as she has quite big feet for a child who is otherwise incredibly petite!

Little Man is 8 months now and he is completely different to how LP was at the same age. He is already happy to stand up if we hold his hands and will happily put weight firmly on his feet. He runs around the house in his walker and I know before long he’ll be pulling himself up on the furniture and getting around by himself – holding onto the sofa for support. I know that our trip to get Little Man’s feet measured and to buy his first pair of shoes will come round before I know it! This is a huge milestone in any parent’s life and I am looking forward to it but know that it will also be a sign that LM is growing up – His first pair of shoes and his first step into toddlerdom!

The Ever-Growing Feet of Children

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