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Last week I was invited up to London to meet the lovely people from Babease at Cactus Kitchens, an amazing venue for a cookery lesson. In all honesty, I hadn’t heard of Babease before the email landed in my inbox but as soon as I started to read up about them I was intrigued to find out more about the brand – a company who make food especially for babies not just baby food.

An evening Learning to Cook with Babease

The whole evening was spent being taught to cook amazing meals suitable for the whole family. Our chef for the night was Tom Redwood who is also the man behind Babease and so it was great to see his passion for food and to hear more about Babease and how the brand came to be.

An evening Learning to Cook with Babease

It was slightly surprising that Tom doesn’t have children and yet has created a whole range of food for babies. The reason for this? He wanted to stop babies being given bland, boring food that was mainly fruit based and instead wanted them to have the opportunity to try a whole palette of flavours at the optimum time in their lives – between 4-7 months – when their tastes are truly at their peak.

When we started weaning LP and Little Man we did baby led weaning purely because we wanted the children to have real food from the very start. But, had Babease been around back then we would have been more inclined to use their pouches alongside our baby led weaning routine for the added convenience and the fact that the range is packed full of nutritious ingredients that we just don’t eat at home – quinoa and coconut milk spring to mind. Its a convenient option where a baby still gets all those flavours and everything they need.

Really Babease is just natural, healthy and beautifully made food that is perfect for babies. I even tried the pouches whilst I was there and they tasted so good – so different to any pouches the children had in the past and food that I would be happy to eat myself – and that really is the point of Babease.

An evening Learning to Cook with Babease

Babease have created vegetable-led food for babies that would be just as great for adults to eat. It has a great range of vegetables in and not much fruit at all, meaning that babies can get to know all those savoury flavours without having an immediate, and understandable, preference for the sweetness of fruit.

During our event we cooked pea fritters, savoury muffins and an amazing butternut squash curry – recipes that I will definitely be trying again at home. The fritters were perfect weaning foods and the curry was full of flavour but not spicy making it perfect for even children to enjoy. Tom even taught us some chef life lessons – how to cook rice properly, the easy way to peel ginger and the simplest way to finely chop an onion. Thanks Tom – my onion chopping will be much less stressful in the future!

An evening Learning to Cook with Babease

After cooking we all got to sit together to eat, enjoying a glass of wine and finding out more about Babease. Nearly all of their ingredients are sourced in the UK and they really just want to give babies the very best start in life where food is concerned. I think we’d all love to have children that ate as wide a variety of foods as possible and I think Babease could really help with that – I’m excited to see where the brand heads in the future.

An evening Learning to Cook with Babease
An evening Learning to Cook with Babease

I had such a lovely evening and it was great to learn to cook something new and learn about a really refreshing brand in the baby market. To find out more about Babease visit their website – they’re also now available in Tesco as well as other leading retailers.

An evening Learning to Cook with Babease


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