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Enjoying Massages Easily at Home with Pranamat Eco | AD

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Have you ever felt the need for a massage at home? I’ll often be watching TV with an ache or pain and will long for a massage experience. I was sent a Pranamat Eco set a few weeks ago and it has answered all my massage prayers! I couldn’t wait to see the benefits of the Pranamat massage mat.

Pranamat Eco is an acupressure massage mat and pillow designed to provide deep, intense massage in comfort of your own home. The Pranamat set arrives well packaged and with all the instructions you need to start using it right from the box.

When I first used the Pranamat Eco set it felt really intense but you get used to it quickly. Soon it starts to feel comfortable and a release – just like a traditional massage. It’s a really calming feeling that stays with you for hours – pretty much all day, or all night if you use it before bed, helping you to relax into sleep.

The Pranamat Eco massage has so many fantastic benefits – it can relieve back pain, prevent headaches and relieve stress. These are definitely some of the ways that is has helped me. I’m calmer, not so tense and I seem to ease through the day now with much less in my mind. There are so many daily massage benefits and I’m still finding more as time goes by.

Pranamat Eco has helped me to sleep better. I’m ready to go to sleep at bedtime rather than tossing and turning for ages and when I get to sleep my sleep quality is so much better.

With Pranamat Eco you only need to use it for a minimum of 20 minutes – and don’t even have to leave the house. One thing I have really loved about Pranamat Eco is that it forces me to switch off, take time to myself and relax which is something I don’t do often. I’m sure many busy, working parents can relate to constantly being on the go and constantly thinking about the next thing that needs doing. Pranamat Eco has forced me to switch off, take time for myself and enjoy just being still and calm for twenty minutes. It’s a highlight of my day whenever I use it.

How you use Pranamat Eco is completely down to you and how you feel you need the massage. You can use it sitting down, laying down, standing up. The pillow is made of buckwheat hulls which mould to the shape of your neck, head and shoulders giving a really supportive environment during the massage and the mat is full of coconut fibre. You’re instructed to start using the mat on a bed or sofa with a layer of light clothing on before using it on a hard surface or with bare skin. You might enjoy this useful video review with more information too.

I find I am most comfortable using the mat on top of a rug on the floor and with my light gym clothing on. I get slight redness after using the mat but it fades swiftly. Pranamat Eco isn’t suitable for people during pregnancy or with some medical conditions which is something to be aware of.

The Pranamat Eco instruction booklet gives you different positions to lay in to massage different areas. It comes a back massage, lumbar massage, massages for your stomach, bum, thighs, hips, hands, feet, head and neck. You can literally use Pranamat Eco to massage your whole body and it’s such fantastic time out whilst you’re relaxing into the massage too.

Pranamat Eco has suggestions where you can use the set at bedtime or during your lunch break at work. It’s a product that can really fit into any lifestyle and around your commitments.

A great thing about Pranamat Eco is that it’s green and natural – it’s certified non-toxic by OKEO-TEX and ethically-produced too. We’re really moving towards eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical products so this is such good news too.

I’ve loved using the Pranamat Eco over the last few weeks and know that I’ll be using it regularly as time goes on too. After the initial cost of the set you can have massages in your own home indefinitely. What’s not to love? You can find out more over on the Pranamat Eco website.

The Pranamat Eco set has an RRP of £185.00 and they come in a range of colour options.


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