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I know, it’s not even Christmas yet and already I’m talking about Easter – but believe me, it will be here before we know it! Christmas will be finished in just over a week, then New Year, Valentines and then Easter. Picture your local supermarket. The seasonal aisle. As soon as the Christmas snacks and selection boxes are done with they’ll be replaced with boxes of chocolates, pink and red gifts galore and cards ‘To My Valentine’. As soon as February 15th arrives the same seasonal aisle will be filled with fluffy yellow chicks, Easter eggs and bunnies. Is it too early to be thinking about Easter? No, I don’t think it is!

LP has Easter Eggs at Easter. We buy her one and she gets one or two from friends. LP and her best friend exchange gifts too and we like to celebrate it in some way. From next Easter we’ll be doing an Easter egg hunt in the garden, hiding little eggs everywhere for LP to find. This is something I’m really looking forward to and it’s something that before long Little Man will be able to join in with too.

Dave and I have never been away for Easter, it’s not something we’d every really thought about until now. LP will be starting nursery school next September and after that we will only be able to go away in school holidays. Thinking about the school year I would opt to either go away in the Summer or at Easter and looking back at the last few years Easter seems to have been lovely on the weather front. Dave and I decided when LP was small that we’d stick to UK holidays for the next few years, at least until the children are out of nappies. We’re making the most of the amazing places that are practically on our doorstep. The UK has some amazing beaches, great tourist attractions and a lot of great scenery and places to enjoy – It’s something I think I took for granted before having children.

Over the last couple of years Dave, LP and I have been to a few holiday parks in the UK and are enjoying the different facilities that they offer but one place I have always wanted to go and have never been to is Butlins. When I was at school all my friends used to have great Butlins holidays and I was always envious when they told me about the water slides, the food and the late nights they spent enjoying the entertainment with their parents. I’d love to take LP and LM there soon and  I’ve even found out that it’s already possible to book now for Easter Breaks 2014 at Butlins – See, it’s never too early to think about Easter!

Do you holiday in the UK? Have you ever been to Butlins? I’d love to hear your experiences – I can’t wait to introduce LP to the iconic Butlins Redcoats and get swept up in the Butlins magic!

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  1. I think I would get Christmas out of the way first but yes its always good to plan ahead!

    Some of my favourite holiday moments happened at Butlins, LP and LM will LOVE it =) x


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