Review: Disney Sofia Palace Game

Up until now we haven’t really played board games with LP. She plays with toys, does drawing and crafts and builds with lego but board games were something we didn’t know when to introduce. When we were sent the Disney Sofia Palace Game to review I thought it looked like a great introduction to board games for LP.


The game is fairly basic – as you would expect with it being aimed at ages three and above. It has a simple board made of two pieces of card which is brightly coloured and lovely to look it. It also includes four Sofia playing pieces and plastic stands to help them move around the board. The dice has different colours or an amulet symbol on each side and there are a number of amulet shapes with pictures of Sofia’s friends on one side.


The aim of the game is to take it in turns to roll the dice and move to the next of that colour space on the board. If you roll and get the amulet you pick an amulet card and place it on the space that has the same one of Sofia’s friend on it. When you get to that space you can then pick up the amulet and treasure it until the end of the game or the amulets run out.

LP loved rolling the dice – it isn’t something she’s ever really done before and she quickly picked up that she could move to the colour that she rolled although when she realised that she could take an amulet card if she rolled the amulet she quickly lost interest and only cared about finding all of Sofia’s friends on the amulet cards!


This basically shows LP’s age – it’s a great first board game but with LP being only three and a half she does get distracted easily. I think if we keep playing the game over the coming months LP will eventually be able to play the game all the way through and make it to the palace! For now, she’s happy playing snap with the amulets and characters on the board so it has helped her matching skills massively.

The Disney Sofia Palace Game has an RRP of £9.99

Disclosure: We were sent the above game for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


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