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Saving a few pennies on your household bills is always something most people are looking to do, and the summer is the easiest time to do so. Here are just a few ways you can cut down on your bills this summer…

Turn the heating down

As the weather is a little warmer during the summer, you can get away with turning the heating down a bit, and this can really make a difference to your bills. Did you know that turning the heating down by just 1 degree can save you up to £60 a year? If you do get chilly then try throwing on a jumper rather than popping the heating on.

Turn those lights off

With the longer days and (hopefully) more sunshine, there will hopefully be some more natural light breaking through your windows. As such, you probably don’t need to have the lights on quite as much. Don’t forget to open the curtains as much as possible to get as much sunlight in as you can.

Hang the washing out

It can be all too easy to rely on the tumble dryer to dry your clothes, but hanging them out to dry is much more cost-efficient. Tumble dryers are one of the most energy hungry appliances in the home, so not using them can really help. By hanging the washing up, the clothes will also be less creased, reducing the need for ironing.

Go outside and enjoy the nice weather

We don’t get a massive amount of nice weather in this country so try and make the most of it. Not only is it healthy to get out and about, but you won’t be spending as much money using electricity at home.

Cutting Down on your Household Bills this Summer

Go solar

Harnessing the power of the Sun can not only save you money, but can actually make you money. If you have solar panels on your house, you will use any energy produced, but any energy not used can be sold back to the National Grid as part of the Government’s Feed-in Tariff. You can also get free solar panels in certain parts of the country, although you won’t be able to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff. For solar power on a slightly smaller scale, try using solar lights, which are particularly good in the garden, obviously. Lights4Fun has some excellent solar lights that are much better for the environment.

Cut down on cooking

Rather than making a work-intensive meal, try making food that requires less cooking and preparation. Having lighter meals such as salads are much nicer in warmer weather and requires little or no cooking time whatsoever, meaning you won’t be spending more on using the cooker. Here are some delicious looking salad recipes that would go down very well in summer.

Cutting Down on your Household Bills this Summer

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